Financial Fitness Quiz

How financially fit are you? Most of us, when asked that question, probably answer that we’re in pretty good shape, while knowing we have a few things to work on. But where to start? There are a number of ways to get into great financial shape, from quick fixes to a four-week fitness challenge1. Before you start on any fitness program, you need a checkup to see what kind of shape you’re in. Take this quick, simple financial fitness quiz to find out your financial fitness.

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  1. I have enough in savings to cover expenses in the event I lose my job.
    a. Savings?
    b. I think I have some money in a drawer…
    c. I have enough to cover a month or two of expenses. Is that what you’re supposed to have?
    d. My savings account can cover three months or more of expenses.
  1. My credit score…
    a. Is a mystery to me.
    b. Was known to me …. A few years ago when I bought my house or car.
    c. Is known to me, but it’s not great. I probably should do something about it.
    d. Is known to me and is in good shape. I’m on top of it.
  1. Budgeting…
    a. Is not something I do. I figure it out as I go.
    b. Is something I kind of do. I have the big stuff planned out.
    c. Is something I know I should do a better job of, but I’m not sure how to do it right.
    d. I have a budget that even accounts for emergencies like doctor’s visits and pet bills.
  1. Financial math…
    a. Is not something I really understand at all.
    b. Is something I wish I understood better.
    c. Seems pretty simple, but there are probably ratios and calculations I could use I don’t know.
    d. Is something I completely understand.
  1. My financial records…
    a. Records?
    b. Are probably here somewhere. I had a box…
    c. I have the important ones, like the last couple of year’s taxes. I think. What am I supposed to keep?
    d. Are filed by date and topic and color-coded. I’ve got this.

If most of your answers were A, you have a lot of work to do. Sit down right away and start making financial fitness a priority, or you’re going to find yourself in a serious financial predicament.

If most of your answers were D, you’re in GREAT shape – you are a financial guru!

If most of your answers were B and C, congratulations, because you’re completely average and normal! Most people know what they need to do, but aren’t sure how to go about it or where to start. The good news is that being aware of your situation puts you in a perfect place to begin.

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