Common Social Media Mistakes

Not Posting Enough: Unlike traditional marketing that runs on campaigns, Social Media is frequent and relentless. The most common mistake marketers make is letting content lapse.

  • Facebook – Daily, 7-10 per week
  • LinkedIn – 1-3 times per week
  • Twitter – 1-2 tweets per day, 4 max
  • Blogging – 7 per week

Ineffective Content: If your content is not getting your audience to interact with your brand, it’s time to re-evaluate.

  • Too promotional – Leave the ads to your billboards! Social audiences tune out self-promotion.
  • Too boring – Consumers need to feel that your content is worth their time.
  • Too long – Keep it short and simple. Social media users want to skim and go.

Not Leveraging Your Followers:

  • Am I targeting the right audience? Humor might get engagement with a young crowd, but are they going to purchase your enterprise business software?
  • Am I asking for the sale? Use direct calls-to-action to prompt readers for the results you want.
  • Am I targeting the right place in the sales cycle? Find out what your audience needs. If your content pushes for a sale, and your audience is in the information gathering stage, you are out of sync.

Check your online library for help in avoiding marketing mistakes: