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Coronavirus in the Workplace: Key HR Issues

Coronavirus in the Workplace: Key HR Issues thumbnail

The spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has gone from a handwashing and elbow-bumping conversation to the most significant workplace issue we have ever seen. Employers are confronting dilemmas that change every day. Questions regarding how to handle emergency leave, workplace safety and health, furloughs, layoffs and mandated closing of businesses along-side all the other employment…
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Negativity in the Workplace: How to Deal – Video

Transcript In every workplace there are negative attitudes that eat away at the productivity of everyone associated with the organization. These people may go unidentified for some time, all the while causing major damage. Quite often they’re good at their jobs, but like an infection, their attitudes can spread rapidly, without major symptoms, until the…
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Navigating FOUR Generations in the Workplace – Video

Transcript Nowadays companies find themselves handling four generations of American workers. Each group has its own distinctive characteristics, ethics, and approaches toward work based on its generation’s life experiences. Let’s take a look at the four generations in the workplace and how they interact with one another. The first set, veterans. These folks are born…
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5 Tips for Surviving a Costly Audit, Investigation or Lawsuit – Video

Transcript Let’s discuss five tips that will help your company navigate tricky HR issues, and hopefully avoid a costly audit, investigation, or lawsuit. Tip number one, know the law. HR laws vary from state to state, so be sure that you’re enforcing the appropriate laws if your company operates in more than one state. Having…
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Update: Overtime Exemptions Final Rule (Video)

Transcript So December 1, 2016 came and went. And guess what employers around the country did not do? You guessed it. They did not implement the new rules governing overtime exemptions. Why not? Is the whole country suddenly non-compliant? No, of course not. You know better than that. What did happen is in November a…
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