Attacking the Day with Apps: Tips for Better Organization

There are many benefits of being better organized at work. With today’s technology, there are many apps to help you do it.  Rather than recommend specific apps, this article helps you think through the criteria for picking the apps that will best work for you.

First, do you really want a work organization app, or do you just need better approaches for desk organization?

  • How do you learn? Through writing or typing? Many people find that they integrate information better when they physically write something on paper, rather than entering information by typing or dictating into a phone. If you learn by writing, an app may not help – you may just need to organize your desk differently.
  • How best do you remember? Some people need lots of tactical information on their desks to remember and easily access information. Others need a more minimalist approach, to simplify the physical environment in order to clear the mind.

If an electronic environment is best for you, here are several functions that an app can serve in facilitating better organization.  “Getting more organized” is a broad goal – this list will help you get clearer on what you need an app for.

  • Time/Calendar Management – Organizational skills include the category of time management. This category of apps will help you better manage your allocation of time.
  • Goal and Task Management – Central to organizational skills is effective goal setting and prioritization. This category of apps will help you manage your personal goal and task lists.
  • Information/Document Management – For example, these apps can help you better organize expense receipts and records.
  • Project Management – These apps are designed for team-level assignments and deadline management and are generally designed to help keep groups organized within a specific initiative.

Every app has a specific core function. Understanding the functions that are most important to you will help you critically search and evaluate the best tools for your needs.