App Your Financial Game

Every day a new feature or function is added to phones, tablets and wearable tech gadgets that bring those devices closer to replacing everything else we carry – wallets, credit cards, even IDs. Over half of all US states allow you to show electronic proof of insurance1 in the event of a traffic stop, Iowa is even moving forward with a digital driver’s license app2.

Financial services are no different. Thousands of apps exist to fill every financial niche and need imaginable – and many of them are really helpful. But there are risks with putting your sensitive data online. Several recent high-profile data breaches3 have served as stark reminders of just how vulnerable all kinds of information can be. With that in mind, we’ve compiled what we feel is a great app “team” to both help you get a handle on your finances and keep your data safe and secure. In each category we’ve provided a list of industry favorites, collected from across the web.

Budgeting and Expenses App:
There are wide varieties to choose from, and they range from simple to full-featured. Your bank may offer an app to track your individual account status. However, many of those don’t include features that allow you track expenses of time or allocate money to various types of expenses (like dining out or childcare). Favorites budgeting apps include:

  • Level Money
  •  Spendee
  • Goodbudget™
  •  Toshl

Shopping List App:
Without a detailed list, it’s easy to get sidetracked and buy more than you need, or to make multiple trips and end up with impulse items. Forcing yourself to plan meals and stick to a plan can have a dramatic impact on your bottom line if you’re willing to commit to the process. Pay attention to what’s on sale at your local stores, build your list and stick to it! Favorite shopping apps include:

  •  Grocery IQ
  •  Paprika
  •  BigOven™

Coupon App:
On the subject of saving money, do you have a coupon app? Some grocery store chains offer their own apps where you can get local coupons and ads. However, some email you coupons you can print (or can be displayed and scanned at the register from your phone or tablet), some send coupons directly to your store loyalty cards, and others, such as Checkout 51, are more sophisticated yet, and actually calculate rebate-like savings for you send you your savings via check. Favorite coupon apps include:

  • Checkout 51
  • Cellfire®
  • Grocery Pal

Password Keeper App:
You’ve got a bunch of great apps – are you starting to lose track of all the passwords? If you’re using the same password for everything, you’re not being very secure. One way to keep track of everything is to consider a password keeper app. This allows you to only have to remember one really strong password, and then let the app remember the rest of the passwords for you. Favorite password apps include:

  • 1Password
  • Keeper®
  • mSecure
  • Norton™ Identity Safe

Antivirus App:
It’s easy to forget that our phones and tablets are computers. Computers are susceptible to viruses. As we use our phones and tablets, clicking links and visiting pages and opening emails, we increase the likelihood of accidentally doing something that will jeopardize our precious digital data. Favorite antivirus apps include:

  • McAfee®
  • Trend Micro™ Mobile Security
  • AVG®

Let us know if we’ve missed one of your favorite financial fitness apps in the comments.