Monthly Archives: April 2015

Excel Macro Examples for Use (Part 1)

How much of your time do you spend on spreadsheets? You manually enter line after line of data and then painstakingly format it. This method might be fine for small, infrequent jobs, but imagine the time that could be saved if repetitive steps were automated! There are numerous Excel Macro examples available that simplify common…
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Employee Engagement Survey Questions

Companies report talent acquisition, retention and reducing job-related stress are among their top business concerns.[1] Many are looking to understand and improve their corporate culture to attract and engage employees.  Surveys that collect employee feedback are a part of this process. But what questions should you ask? Here are a few tips for creating surveys…
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How Do You Measure Employee Engagement?

Businesses are familiar with the process and benefits of data analysis. Performance data, such as revenue per customer and profit margin, help companies set goals and measure success. However, one metric often overlooked is employee engagement. According to Gallup’s “State of the Global Workplace Report,” only 30% of employed U.S. residents are classified as engaged…
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What is Employee Engagement?

Today’s workforce is more mobile and less skilled. Businesses are more exposed through various websites, allowing employees to rate their employer’s corporate culture. So, while the term Employee Engagement has been around for a long time, modern business pressures are driving a re-energizing of the concept. Culture, engagement and retention have emerged as top issues…
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Share Visual Data with Excel Color Formula

Spreadsheets are great for managing large amounts of information and deriving new insights from data, but they can be difficult to comprehend at a glance. When you need to share information with non-technical colleagues or want to visualize your data, an excel color formula can be your best friend. Your excel color formula will use…
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Impress Your Colleagues with Excel Dial Charts

If you’re looking for a modern way to visualize your data, check out the Excel dial chart. Dial charts are a natural fit for dashboard-style interfaces and are also referred to as speedometer charts because of the visual similarity to a car’s speedometer. Dial charts work well for indicating performance or completion thresholds.

The Ins and Outs of Excel Rounding Formula

There are several Excel functions that will help you round numbers to the appropriate format. You can create formulas using these functions to get your data looking the way you want it. An Excel rounding formula allows for rounding to a specific number of decimal places, the nearest even or odd number, or the nearest…
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