Pryor+ Advanced Administration Features

All Pryor+ team accounts can include robust administration features such as assignable training, real-time tracking and single-click report generation or export to Excel. In addition, Pryor’s Learning Paths & Series allow administrators the ability to assign complete training programs for all employees in less than five minutes. Learn more about administration benefits and account types below.


  • Learning Paths & Series

    Assign, create and complete dedicated learning curriculums designed for progressive study and skill mastery. Pryor offers an array of prebuilt plans, or admins can create custom learning paths within the platform. Effortlessly assign a year’s worth of team training in less than five minutes.

  • Assignments & Reminders

    Accountability leads to increased engagement and productivity. Meet training deadlines by assigning courses and due dates, as well as generating automatic course reminders.

  • Real-Time Tracking

    Monitor up-to-the-second course completion and system usage. Admins can see when department leads assign training, which team members are accessing that training, as well as when training is complete.

  • Weekly Reports

    Admins receive weekly email updates that track new content that’s being added, as well as group learning activity and engagement for the week.

  • Excel Export

    With a single-click, admins can export data directly to Excel for further study and manipulation.

  • Custom Charting

    Too busy to generate Excel-based reports? Custom usage charts are only a single-click away.

  • Record Storage

    Reduce liability with easy access to employee learning records that include safety and compliance history.

  • Monthly Newsletter

    A new edition of PryorPerks launches the first of every month and focuses on a different learning theme that includes tips and tools on how to adopt best practices.

  • Dedicated Learning Team

    From building custom curriculums to assisting with the creation of launch campaigns and special learning initiatives, Pryor’s dedicated learning specialists and training coordinators work to increase engagement and usability.

  • Curriculum Mapping

    Need to tie performance reviews to company goals? Are skill gaps growing? Pryor’s custom curriculum mapping creates a learning action plan that fosters individual and company growth.

  • Engagement Services

    Pryor assists with marketing efforts by creating custom marketing campaigns that your HR and L&D departments can share for internal distribution, such as HTML emails, lunchroom posters or printed flyers.

  • Proprietary Content

    Whether you need to add a PowerPoint presentation, or a video with a quiz to ensure retention, Pryor seamlessly integrates and stores proprietary content.