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PivotTable from a PivotTable

Categories: Excel®, Pivot Tables

While it is not technically possible to pivot a pivot table, you can reduce the number of records to analyze by using some of the functionality available in Excel 2010 and later versions. Download Pivot Table from Pivot Table.xlsx to work along. The Steps To accomplish the goal of reducing the amount of data to […]

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List of Essential Excel Formulas

Categories: Excel®, Formulas, Functions

There are hundreds of functions in Excel that can be very helpful in crunching numbers and transforming data into information. Here are three categories of critical functions that every savvy Excel user should know how to read and use. See these formulas and functions in action by downloading: List of Excel Formulas.xlsx It’s Only Logical […]

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It’s About Time! Excel Timesheet Formulas

Categories: Excel®, Formulas

Date and time math is one of the strengths of Excel. However, it helps to know a few secrets and hidden gems to make your timesheet calculations work smoothly. In this practice, we’ll work with several different Excel functions. But first we need a basis from which to understand how Excel works with dates and […]

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Animating Excel Charts

Categories: Charts, Excel®

There are a lot of cool new tools in the latest professional versions of Excel that allow you to add some animation to your charts and graphs. However, with a little help from PowerPoint, you can do some types of animation in almost any version! While animating chart data can seem a nifty thing, please […]

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Excel Macro Email

Categories: Excel®, Macros

Among the many little-known and perhaps even-less-used hacks one could exploit via Microsoft Office, an Excel macro email can save precious hours on a weekly basis. As a bonus, understanding the nature of these handy little “cheats” provides an incidental beginner’s introduction to some very basic principles of coding. This handy VBA code will send […]

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How to Create a Custom Function in Excel

Categories: Excel®, Functions

Excel functions are actually shortcuts to more complex calculations. Like a macro is to a series of steps, a function is to a longer equation. While Excel is packed full of functions, you may find that you have proprietary formulas that you use regularly that would be useful as a function shortcut. Advanced Excel users […]

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Conditional Formatting Across Multiple Cells in Excel

Categories: Conditional Formatting, Excel®

Steps in this article will apply to Excel 2007-2016. Images were taken using Excel 2016. Conditional formatting is a useful Excel feature that can help you quickly scan your data without resorting to complicated filtering or fussy charts. Often, you will use conditional formatting to call attention to cells that represent an outlying condition – […]

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Nesting Functions in Excel – A Tutorial for Beginners

Categories: Excel®, Functions

Most of us begin using Excel by creating simple worksheets that organize data and perform simple calculations. Then, we might dabble with some of Excel’s many pre-set functions for more complex calculations. You know you’re a real Excel addict, however, when you start thinking How can I crunch my data even more efficiently? This means […]

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