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The Importance of Writing Down Goals

Categories: Professional Development

If you have spent any time in corporate life you are probably familiar with the concepts of goal setting, S.M.A.R.T. goals and so on. While you may know that those who engage in a deliberate process of identifying and setting goals are more successful overall than those who don’t, you may not know is that […]

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IRS Issues Proposed Rule Clarifying Laws Regarding Same Sex Marriage

Categories: HR Training

Employers! You no longer need to hold your breath hoping you are “doing it right” regarding same sex marriage equality laws. On October 23, 2015, the question of how employers and other entities must handle the definition of marriage for IRS tax purposes was answered in the IRS proposed rule regarding implementation of the Windsor and Obergefell […]

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Sales Pipeline Management

Categories: Sales

In a previous post (Sales Management Software Considerations), I discussed the basics of sales management software.  As noted, there are many “must-have” benefits to such a system, not the least of which is something called pipeline management, or sales forecasting.

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Sales Management Software Considerations

Categories: Sales

When I moved into sales management 20 years ago, the #1 rule preached in management class was: “Inspect what you expect.”  Which, back then, was easier said than done.  It required detailed review of every salesperson’s paper call reports, quotes and sales reports.  From there I would “back into” the numbers to review activity and […]

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