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Employee Retention: 3 Make or Break Factors (Video)

Categories: HR Corner, HR Training

In this video blog, Lisa Smith discusses some employee retention strategies. Transcript Do you sometimes struggle with recruitment and retention issues in your organization? Well, if you do, I have a survey that you’ll enjoy. Recently, the Society for Human Resource Management surveyed a variety of workers across the United States and came up with […]

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Customer Service Training Activities: Stories and Strategies

Categories: Customer Service

The best team building activities allow people to have fun, while also creating something that will be useful to the team in the future. In this post, we share some small group activities to share with your customer service teams. First, form small groups of people that provide similar types of customer service: 4-5 people in […]

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How to Say It: Phrases for a Performance Appraisal

Categories: Professional Development

Performance appraisals can create stress for supervisors, particularly when you need to provide corrective feedback. Even the most experienced managers can find themselves at a loss for words during the conversation.  Here are some phrases to help engage the employee in a two-way dialogue. “The ABC Project was a key area of focus for you […]

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