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Tracking Social Media: A Strategic View

Categories: Social Media Marketing

Social media moves fast, and you are never done. This can make social media tracking, with any kind of metric dashboard or analytics tool particularly challenging.  It can also put you into a reactive mode, where you spend more time tracking clicks than focusing on your overarching goals.  Here are some tips to keep your […]

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Productive Pinning with Pinterest®

Categories: Marketing, Social Media Marketing

Pinterest® is one of the newer and less well known social media “kids on the block,” but used wisely with the right audience, it can add a nice dimension to your marketing tool portfolio.  The core metaphor driving Pinterest is the “bulletin board” – different users have different topic boards. Users can “pin” their own […]

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The ABC’s of an ABC Analysis

Categories: Project Management

A lot of time and project management is making smart lists. Most people make “To Do” lists – long strings of activities with various levels of importance and urgency. Then, once complete, we get to check the activities off the list, often with a sense of closure and satisfaction. Organized as a single “list of […]

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