The Secrets of Successful Blogs

How to increase your online presence and credibility in the blogosphere

One Hour Webinar


Have you ever wondered why some blogs boast thousands of RSS subscribers, Twitter followers and "likes" on Facebook® while others don't? There is a method to the blogging madness — so if you are looking to kick your blog into high gear, generate more traffic and gain more followers, this one-hour training program is the place to start for business blogging tips!

Anyone can start a blog but writing and maintaining a successful blog is another matter entirely. Successful blogs have a community of followers; feature interesting, useful and original content; encourage back and forth interaction via comments; and are easy to share with others. They feature fresh new content that stimulates readers to check in often, are visually clean, inviting, easy to read and offer readers relevant information that is focused and well-organized.

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In just sixty minutes, this course will give you more great ideas, workable strategies and rock-solid information than you ever thought possible! You will learn to identify and develop the good habits all successful bloggers share, while steering clear of bad habits that can negatively affect your blog. You'll discover what blog readers really look for, how to attract them, how to get them to subscribe and how to get them to share your blog with others. You'll also pick up a wealth of tips and tricks for simplifying your blog writing style, enhancing your blog's look and creating an easy-to-navigate blog site.

Put this blogging for business class at the top of your to-do list, and register today! You'll discover a wealth of exciting information dedicated to making your blog successful — everything from creating new content to developing a look and feel that is friendly, inviting and encourages readers to return frequently.

Got an hour? That's all it takes to gain the blog-savvy techniques, tools, and fresh ideas you'll use to create a blog that generates hits, likes and followers.

Sign up for this workshop now, and discover how you can develop, maintain and grow a successful blog. Gain the knowledge you need to create a blog that draws readers in, holds their interest and builds a loyal (and growing!) following.

What You'll Learn

  • How to create content that engages blog followers
  • Ways to encourage followers to comment and participate in your blog community
  • How to decrease bounce rates and increase time on-site by following strong blogging principles
  • The top 7 things to remember when blogging
  • Where to host your blog — the top Content Management System (CMS) platforms preferred for blogging
  • Popular, useful, and effective blogging plugins

Who Will Benefit

Bloggers, marketers, promotions or public relations personnel, business owners, social media support staff, and any professionals involved in maintaining their company's website and/or blog should attend this event.

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