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Recording from event on 01/11/2017

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On November 22nd 2016, the implementation of the final overtime rule governing FLSA white collar exemptions was blocked when a U.S. District Court Judge in Texas issued a nationwide injunction temporarily removing the requirement. HR and payroll professionals must understand what this injunction means and when employers will have a final answer regarding potential future implementation of the Rule.

Rule or no Rule, the DOL estimates that millions of workers nationwide are misclassified annually. These workers must be re-classified from exempt to non-exempt. When re-classification is necessary, affected workers view the change in status as a demotion. Many also experience decreased benefits, while undergoing more intense tracking of their work time in an effort by employers to provide accurate overtime compensation. Effectively implementing and communicating these changes to workers is vital.

Join us for a 60-minute webinar where we will outline what is required for an employer to prove the validity of an overtime-exempt classification and the decisions employers must make in order to meet FLSA’s worker classification requirements in the event of an audit or lawsuit.

What You'll Learn

  • Why the accuracy of an overtime-exempt classification is so important
  • How to clearly define of the terms exempt and non-exempt
  • The amount and frequency of the required salary base increasese
  • Understanding the Highly Compensated Exemption
  • Options employers must consider when reclassifying affected workers
  • Next steps for auditing currently exempt positions
  • How and when the appeal of the temporary injunction will be heard

You must proceed carefully when reviewing FLSA exemptions to avoid costly mistakes and lawsuits. Knowing how to properly assign FLSA overtime-exempt status is crucial to the well-being of your employees and your business. The latest DOL enforcement initiatives and a new Administration signal the necessity of understanding fully the current and future concerns over white collar overtime exemptions. There is no time to spare in becoming well-versed on these overtime laws.

Who Will Benefit

Owners, VPs, Senior level managers, HR managers, business attorneys, payroll managers, clerks, processors and CPAs — relevant for all business and industries.

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