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After multiple accusations of sexual harassment and assault against a famous Hollywood producer forced him out of his own company in late 2017, the #MeToo movement took hold. It exploded a short time later when person after person stepped forward with back-to-back allegations of sexual harassment in virtually every corner of the American workplace.

Because sexual harassment may often be subtle or hidden, it’s not always easy for employers to spot and effectively deal with it when it occurs. In addition, traditional policies and procedures are failing.

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Your simple decision to consult Sexual Harassment: A Guide to a Harassment-Free Workplace, can have an immediate and significantly positive impact on the ways in which your organization manages the issue of sexual harassment.

Here are just a few of the key topics covered in this BRAND NEW resource (see full Table of Contents on reverse):
  • The hidden costs of harassment
  • How top executives set the tone
  • Personal liability
  • Why hasn’t sexual harassment training worked?
  • Who to train and when to train
  • How to properly investigate harassment
  • How to handle the reluctant employee
  • Who should investigate?
  • Determining credibility
  • Understanding and avoiding defamation
  • Protecting the accuser and the accused during the investigation
  • And much more!

Sexual harassment may expose employers to automatic liability under certain circumstances, and regardless of legal liability, the negative publicity, high cost of turnover, lowered employee morale, and the potential expenses associated with lawsuits are just some of the devastating effects sexual harassment can have on the workplace.

Your organization’s best defense is a proper offense, and Sexual Harassment: A Guide to a Harassment-Free Workplace is the absolutely necessary starting point.

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Sexual Harassment: A Guide to a Harassment-Free Workplace


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