Originally developed in 1983, The New Psychology of Achievement course has helped countless people discover the techniques that have allowed them to achieve their goals. Learn how to organize your thoughts, set goals, get along with others, understand yourself, and release your potential to accomplish extraordinary things! Combining timeless ideas from the original program with new research and innovative concepts relevant to the "wired" world, The New Psychology of Achievement class will help you develop the skills to achieve success.

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Program Highlights

  • Develop the skills to outthink and outsmart your competition
  • Get on the fast track to achieving your goals faster than you've ever imagined
  • Learn how to set "flex" goals that are adaptable to a changing economy
  • Unlock the secret to doubling your brainpower and sharpening your intuition
  • Discover the key to erasing negative emotions
  • Eliminate time and productivity wasters
  • And much more!

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The New Psychology of Achievement
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