HIPAA Compliance Handbook

Stay on top of all the proposed regulatory changes with our HIPAA compliance manual


HIPAA Compliance Handbook is intended for HIPAA coordinators, project managers, privacy officers, compliance professionals, health care record managers, and others who have the responsibility for implementing the HIPAA Privacy and Security Regulations. It contains easy-to-understand explanations of the legal and regulatory provisions.

The 2020 Edition has been updated to include:

  • Coverage of new guidance from OCR on access to PHI by individuals and fees for copies
  • New section on ransomware
  • A detailed account of Lincare, the second HHS civil monetary penalty case
  • Summaries of 10 new HHS resolution agreements
  • Information on the new Phase 2 Audits
  • Updated State-by-State Guide to Medical Privacy Statutes

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HIPAA Compliance Handbook
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