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How Do You Lead? Team Leadership Assessment

How Do You Lead? Team Leadership Assessment thumbnail

Successful teams generally have a successful leader–either out front or behind the scenes–guiding the way.  If you lead a team, here’s a quick assessment to reflect on how you are doing: Strengths – What strengths do you have in leading the team? How are these strengths reflected in the team’s culture or work? Outcomes –…
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Triumphant Temporary Teams

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When talking about team-building, a lot of attention is given to long-term intact teams. These may be organizational teams, sales teams, long term project or service teams–regardless of mission, they are designed to stay together for a long time. There is also power in the temporary team–convened to address only one specific problem or project….
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Five Social Activities for Connecting Virtual Teams

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Every team needs a break!  Over time, people have grown comfortable with increased remote and virtual work–adjusting business practices and interactions to complete work at a distance.  It is also worth taking some time to build in some team level breaks and opportunities for social connection.  Here are five great practices we have seen work…
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Lead Like a Pirate

Lead Like a Pirate thumbnail

Avast, me hearties, and listen well! In the lighthearted spirit of International Talk Like a Pirate Day, let’s envision the romanticized version of these rapscallions of the sea and reflect on their positive qualities. After all, pirate captains had to have masterful communication and leadership skills to steer a band of scurvy knaves to the…
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Selecting Team Building Activities: Maximizing the Benefits

Selecting Team Building Activities: Maximizing the Benefits thumbnail

Many managers are interested in realizing the benefits of team building, but aren’t sure where to start in selecting team building activities. Here are some questions to ask when selecting effective activities for your team: Is there a clear learning point? Effective teambuilding activities are designed to highlight and develop specific elements of teamwork, such…
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Finding the Meaning Behind Team-Building

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Much is said about the benefits of team-building, but how do we do it in a way that doesn’t just feel like adult games at work? First, it is important to have a “why” behind the games—a larger learning point or goal that adults can get behind. Here’s an example. There are many team-building activities…
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Corporate Team-Building Activities

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The best team-building exercises have a goal or purpose— one goal may be to provide a shared structured experience that allows team members to get to know each other better. Here are some ideas for team-building exercises that tend to achieve better team camaraderie. While this may take some planning, a shared volunteer experience supports…
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Team-Building Activity: Playing the Cards

Team-Building Activity:  Playing the Cards thumbnail

Here’s a team-building activity for adults that is fun and generates valuable information at the team level.  It works for teams of 6 to 60+ and requires only a stack of index cards (at least 3 cards per person) and pens or markers. First, create small groups of 2 to 6 people, depending on group…
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