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Respecting Diversity in a Time of Telework

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A client shared an interesting story about a recent experience related to disability awareness and telework.  First, some background.  The organization has been working well remotely for several months.  Because the team has a good understanding of diversity principles, it follows the following ground rules: It is a cultural norm for team members to turn…
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Developing Your Leadership Skills in Diversity and Inclusion

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As cultural dynamics change in an organization, it is important for leaders to continue their own development and training.  As a training category, “Diversity and Inclusion” is an important set of both principles and skills, and covers a wide range of topics, including: Generational Differences Unconscious Bias Workplace Culture Cultural Differences Discrimination Did you know…
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Assessment: Diversity and Communications

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Often, discussions about diversity quickly become discussions about structural or systemic problems or patterns over time – and thus become a sociology debate, rather than a personal assessment. In reality, despite the complexities of diversity in the workplace, what most of us really control occurs at the level of the conversation.  We show respect for…
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Reacting to Diversity Topics – Looking Inward

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Too often, diversity awareness becomes lists of differences. Black or White, Hispanic or Non-Hispanic, Asian or long lists of “Others.” Male, Female, Transgender. Gay, Straight, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, Queer. Democrat, Republican, Independent. Christian, Jewish, Catholic, Buddhist, Muslim. Disabled, Differently Abled. Over time, more terms and categories emerge – and each individual brings combinations of diversity that…
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