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Tips for Employee Engagement on Social Media

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Done strategically and thoughtfully, social media engagement can be a valuable addition to an organization’s communications toolbox.  You also have employees, who can either expand your positive impact or get you in trouble.  In this article, we discuss tips for helping to manage your employee’s presence on social media. Develop a policy for employees: How…
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Igniting Your Social Media Presence: Keeping the Flame Alive

Igniting Your Social Media Presence: Keeping the Flame Alive thumbnail

Organizational success with social media requires an interesting blend of immediate actions and long-term management.  Organizations need to ignite engagement through quick responses, while also having long-term governance strategies to manage that engagement over time.  In this post, we introduce the elements of social media governance most needed for success. Governance includes all the policies,…
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Productive Pinning with Pinterest®

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Pinterest® is one of the newer and less well known social media “kids on the block,” but used wisely with the right audience, it can add a nice dimension to your marketing tool portfolio.  The core metaphor driving Pinterest is the “bulletin board” – different users have different topic boards. Users can “pin” their own…
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No-Hype Social Media for Business: LinkedIn™

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As a small business or B2B owner when you look at a typical social media rah-rah article you probably come away wondering what all the hype is about. Most of it doesn’t seem to apply to you. This happens because the early drivers of social media marketing were B2C companies that cater to young buyers….
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Social Media Competitive Analysis

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There are several reasons you might be looking at your competitor’s social media performance: To evaluate whether to begin a social media campaign of your own, to keep tabs on them, to research ideas and so on. Below are some of our favorite tools and tips for performing a social media competitive analysis. Use a…
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No-Hype Social Media for B2Bs: Content Marketing

No-Hype Social Media for B2Bs: Content Marketing thumbnail

The explosion of social media marketing was initially driven when direct-to-consumer businesses saw new, rich platforms for reaching highly segmented audiences. Business-to-business companies have been far more skeptical and slower to adapt to social media as a way to reach customers. While avoiding hype is prudent, getting left behind isn’t. Fortunately, there is a social…
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What’s New in Facebook and Twitter Marketing

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Consumers and marketers both agree that Facebook and Twitter enjoy changing things up, and their addition of specific advertising features is good news for marketers. Hashtags: Think of hashtags as clickable keywords you add to your posts. Try out these hashtag tips: Newsjacking: Use current events and trending hashtags that compliment your business to “highjack” the wave…
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