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Improve Work by Stepping Away for Life

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Work/life balance is a fluid concept! Sometimes, workplace demands and projects require increased focus— other times, family life needs to take center stage.  When work demands are high, many people try to power through— sometimes out of enjoyment for the work, sometimes out of a sense of obligation to deliver and sometimes because it is…
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Work-Life Balance for Remote Workers

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For many people, the work experience has significantly changed over the past year.  Work-from-home arrangements are becoming more standard, and more people are teleworking more regularly.  Many organizations are finding that the resulting productivity is high, despite the distance and empty cubicles. So, what does work-life balance look like in a work-from-home world? The traditional…
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Five Ways to Improve Your Work-Life Balance

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In difficult and uncertain times, finding work-life balance can be a daily challenge.  This is particularly true when work and school schedules collide, or when there are too many demands for any one person to handle. Here are five ways to recalibrate if your work-life balance is out of whack: Pause to consider how your…
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Gearing Up for Goals: Managing Energy Gains and Drains

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Setting and achieving goals is easier when we are energized and focused. Understanding what leads us to gain and drain energy can help us better define and work towards our goals. Consider the following questions, from Pryor’s Effective Goal-Setting and Planning Skills seminar. How do you gain energy? Write down… Times of day I am…
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Read with Speed: Celebrating National Reading Month

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National Reading Month is a great time to reflect on your reading habits. Try these speed reading exercises to help you on your way: Skim with Purpose, Review your Understanding. Want to assess your speed reading ability? Start a timer, and then pick a chapter in a book and read it normally. Jot down the…
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What’s Your Emotional Intelligence?

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Have you run across someone recently who is not familiar with the term “Emotional Intelligence,” sometimes referred to as EQ? It’s a term heard more frequently in business environments. Yet, do you know your EQ score? If you are the curious type, there are many ways – online and off – to take personality tests…
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Emotional Intelligence and Leadership

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Emotional Intelligence (EI), sometimes referred to as EQ, is often used when referencing employee performance and leadership effectiveness. So, does EI play a role in one’s ability to be a successful leader? Initially introduced by Daniel Goleman in the mid-1990s, he provided the following definition in his work, Five Components of Emotional Intelligence at Work[1]:…
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