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Tips for Employee Engagement on Social Media

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Done strategically and thoughtfully, social media engagement can be a valuable addition to an organization’s communications toolbox.  You also have employees, who can either expand your positive impact or get you in trouble.  In this article, we discuss tips for helping to manage your employee’s presence on social media. Develop a policy for employees: How…
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Igniting Your Social Media Presence: Keeping the Flame Alive

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Organizational success with social media requires an interesting blend of immediate actions and long-term management.  Organizations need to ignite engagement through quick responses, while also having long-term governance strategies to manage that engagement over time.  In this post, we introduce the elements of social media governance most needed for success. Governance includes all the policies,…
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Determining Customer Needs

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A salesperson cannot provide a valued solution without first determining the customer’s needs. You can generate happiness and loyalty by matching customers with the solution that works best for them. Solutions should be selected to ease pain, meet short- and long-term goals and address gaps. Research your prospect. Whether you are selling to an individual prospect…
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3 Tips to Improve Your Reach through Competitor Analysis

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Awareness of your competitors’ choices and offerings reveals important information about your market and provides valuable insights into your customer base. The targets and successes of your competitors can help you identify gaps in your own approach. Follow these three tips to boost your competitor research plan and reap the benefits! Identify features your known…
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