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Calculating Time with Excel Formulas

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How often have you looked at your watch and typed the current time into your worksheet? Or tried to convert from one time zone to another and produced an error? Or wondered why a time shows up looking like “0.9285”? Fortunately, these questions are easy to answer once you understand how Excel time formulas work….
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Where is the Chart Wizard in Excel?

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Microsoft eliminated the Excel Chart Wizard in Excel 2007, and it has not returned in the successive versions. In fact, the company rebuilt the entire chart system, and the team decided it would not be worthwhile to update the wizard and all of its options.

Automatically Stop Duplicate Values on Input

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Preventing duplicate values from being entered in a range of cells may be a requirement in some of your worksheets. Although not obvious, enabling this capability in Excel is very easy. You can prevent duplicate values from being entered in a range of cells through Data Validation.


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