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Share Visual Data with Excel Color Formula

Spreadsheets are great for managing large amounts of information and deriving new insights from data, but they can be difficult to comprehend at a glance. When you need to share information with non-technical colleagues or want to visualize your data, an excel color formula can be your best friend. Your excel color formula will use…
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Impress Your Colleagues with Excel Dial Charts

If you’re looking for a modern way to visualize your data, check out the Excel dial chart. Dial charts are a natural fit for dashboard-style interfaces and are also referred to as speedometer charts because of the visual similarity to a car’s speedometer. Dial charts work well for indicating performance or completion thresholds.

The Ins and Outs of Excel Rounding Formula

There are several Excel functions that will help you round numbers to the appropriate format. You can create formulas using these functions to get your data looking the way you want it. An Excel rounding formula allows for rounding to a specific number of decimal places, the nearest even or odd number, or the nearest…
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Share Big Picture Data with an Excel Timeline Chart

It can be difficult to quickly, efficiently communicate project timelines. A graphic representation of your deadlines and milestones can clear up a somewhat complicated meeting. Think of project management. You can see when certain processes are started and completed in relation to other processes. Or, try an Excel timeline chart in scheduling to make sure…
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How to Add a Trend or Moving Average Line to Excel Chart

When looking at a newly created chart in Excel, it can be difficult to tell which way the data is trending. These charts are often composed of thousands of points of data. Sometimes we can tell which way the data is moving over time, but other times we have to use some of the features…
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Create an Excel Control Chart to Analyze Data

In this article, we’ll show you how to construct an Excel control chart to analyze data and improve efficiency. Control charts are useful for monitoring any process that has a level of variation – for example, filling containers with a certain number of items. They can easily illustrate whether your process is operating within its…
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