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Gracious Response – How to Receive Performance Feedback

You probably know one or more people who do not take kindly to receiving feedback on what they can do better. Maybe you’re one of those. Take heart—most of us are! Many people do not like the idea of being told what they’re not doing well. It’s like someone saying you’re wrong. You probably don’t…
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Knocking Down Barriers to Feedback: Key Communication Skills

Effectively delivering and receiving performance feedback in the workplace remains one of the greatest challenges facing most managers – but it is also the fastest way to get results.  Let’s look at some communication skills that can help both managers and employees maximize the benefits of feedback conversations. Curiosity is a very important aspect of…
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Communications?!? But… We Fixed That!

Here’s a great story about manager communications from one of our trainers. I was working with a senior corporate leadership team, and they wanted to improve employee engagement and outcomes.  A recent employee survey indicated that manager-employee communication and feedback was a key shortcoming and challenge for the organization. “I can’t believe this!” the CEO…
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Windows to the World: Effective Web Communication

Web-based communication has been around for about 20 years, and we still struggle to break the barriers to effective communication using this medium.  Here are some reminders for effectively communicating online: Create Stories. There’s a reason verbal communication around the campfire have lasted through generations. Stories move people more than facts. Here’s an example. Rather…
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Energizing and Engaging Your Audience: Four Questions for Effective Public Speaking

Like most activities, preparation is the key in public speaking. Here are four questions to ask when you are preparing a talk that can help you maximize your impact with any group. Who is my audience and what is the context? These are basic questions, but too often, presenters are so focused preparing their content,…
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Public Speaking Anxiety?: It’s Just a Conversation

I was 26 years old and had just learned that my presentation was selected for a large conference. There would be 200 people in the audience, the organizers told me, “so, be prepared.”  I was so excited! As the sun rose the day of the presentation, my excitement changed to panic. Despite all my preparation…
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Five Communication Tips for Teams

Communication is a central activity for all teams. In this post, we review five practical communication tips that lead to better teamwork. Make it common practice to revisit the goal. Many team-focused articles talk about the importance of mission clarity and alignment, but too often, teams don’t actually ask, “wait, why are we doing this?”…
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Effective Business Communication

It was a cold Christmas Eve, and I was on a conference call at 2am. I cringed as the project manager belittled her team members and complained about having to take time away from her family. She never once acknowledged that everyone else on the call was also missing family time, nor that the problems…
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How to Write a Business Letter

Twenty-five years ago, business letters and memos were the go-to forms of written communication in the workplace. Today, most of us hastily type emails and instant messages instead. But the business letter is not dead! Use this more formal approach to present official information – such as contract terms and descriptions of services – to…
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