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Beyond the Buzzwords: Recognizing Workplace Harassment

Beyond the Buzzwords:  Recognizing Workplace Harassment thumbnail

Workplace harassment is prohibited under several Federal Acts (or laws) — these laws prohibit discrimination based on sex, age, disability, religion, disability and many other factors. Beyond the buzzwords of legal documents, however, the threshold of harassment can be sometimes hard to establish. Here are some examples: Emily is known for being demanding and direct…
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Work-Life Balance Tips: There’s an App for That!

Work-Life Balance Tips: There’s an App for That! thumbnail

In today’s workplaces, more people have mobile devices and laptops — which offers new flexibilities, but also creates new pressures to be online 24/7. The traditional “9 to 5” workplace is quickly fading away. How can employees manage increased demands at home and at work?   Effective work-life balance is often about effective time management….
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Work vs. Life — The Ultimate Showdown

Work vs. Life — The Ultimate Showdown thumbnail

Work-Life Integration: Supporting the Future of Work Life Balance The only constant is change, and how we see work-life balance is no different.  Workplaces are evolving to focus more on knowledge work than factory work, and to focus more on real-time service to customers. Here are some future-focused tips and activities for managers working in…
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Continuing Education: The Business Case

Continuing Education: The Business Case thumbnail

Continuing education is an investment that benefits both organizations and employees; to sell its importance, employees need to communicate the value of that investment in a win-win way. Too often though, employees try to justify continuing education by describing its benefits to them individually —rather than by describing the benefits to the organization.  Let’s look…
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How to Love Lifelong Learning: Five Options for Continuing Education

How to Love Lifelong Learning: Five Options for Continuing Education thumbnail

Continuing education is part of lifelong learning — and we are never done!  Whether you have been out of school for years, or you are looking for the next educational experience after finishing your MBA, learning opportunities are everywhere. This article reviews five different types of continuing education that professionals often choose to engage with….
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Women in Leadership

Women in Leadership thumbnail

We recently worked with a female leader who had gotten feedback from a 360-degree feedback exercise. The feedback was positive, with constructive comments on the leader’s strengths and a few suggestions for expanding her impact as the organization grew. This leader was clearly making a positive difference in her organization. Several of the feedback providers…
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Leadership Skills for the Future

Leadership Skills for the Future thumbnail

The world is an uncertain and fast-moving place, and the leadership skills needed in the past are not the ones that will get you to the future.  Here are four leadership skills and characteristics that are particularly important in this environment: Technology and Process Savviness: While a lot of leadership articles talk about the importance…
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Emotional Intelligence and Safety

Emotional Intelligence and Safety thumbnail

Safety leaders are strong in technical skills — hazard assessment, risk management and safety controls — but soft skills can vary widely. In fact, a common question raised in many safety workshops is “How can I get the employees to take the time to practice safety on the job?” Consider looking beyond the technical —…
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OSHA Reporting Requirements 2019

OSHA Reporting Requirements 2019 thumbnail

June is National Workplace Safety Month!  To make workplace establishments and industries safer, OSHA gathers data on injuries and fatalities.  This information helps analyze industries to create standards to protect workers and prevent future accidents. OSHA launched the Injury Tracking Application (ITA) to collect this data electronically.  The following employers are required to submit The…
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From a Distance: Team-Building for Remote Workers

From a Distance: Team-Building for Remote Workers thumbnail

Many of today’s workplaces include a mix of local and remote employees.  How does a leader conduct team-building with employees who cannot be here face-to-face?  This article shares some ideas. Embrace video and build team member awareness. Today’s technologies, like Microsoft® Skype®, Google™ Meet, Zoom and Apple® FaceTime®, offer easy ways to connect face-to-face to…
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