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Embracing Life Enhances Work: The Benefits of Work-Life Balance

Embracing Life Enhances Work:  The Benefits of Work-Life Balance thumbnail

Let’s look at a real-life example addressing the importance of work-life balance. Recently, a high-performing employee — Nina — came to my office for a coaching session. Nina had recently been given a high-visibility project to manage. She was doing well, so our sessions were usually future-focused and optimistic. That day, though, Nina was in…
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Building New Leaders

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In Pryor seminars, we often meet professionals who are eager to lead, but are not yet supervisors or managers.  Many say, “I’m not a leader yet;” or ask, “How do I lead when I have no control?” Our seminars and online learning focus on developing leadership competencies in emerging leaders, who do not yet have…
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Conflict Management Best Practices

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Conflict often involves both emotional and intellectual content – personal feelings, interpersonal relationships, problems to solve and decisions to be made.  Here are some best practices for navigating and negotiating conflicts:   Know your values. We generally engage in conflict about the things we care about. Understanding your own core values will help you anticipate…
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Tips for Working with a Virtual Personal Assistant

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In today’s fast-paced business environment, with more virtual offices and freelance workers, virtual personal assistants have become increasingly common. Here are some tips for working with a virtual personal assistant. Know how you are competing for time. Many virtual personal assistants work for multiple people in a freelance role. As such, ask interview questions that…
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Selecting Your Administrative Assistant: Interview Tips

Selecting Your Administrative Assistant: Interview Tips thumbnail

Administrative assistants are sometimes the first faces that customers and important stakeholders see. They may answer your phones, set up meetings and screen incoming information. On the other hand, other administrative assistants may be more back-office focused, interacting with few people, but engaging in the detailed work of file system administration and management. The interview…
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Celebrating Administrative Professionals’ Day

Celebrating Administrative Professionals' Day thumbnail

Administrative Professionals’ Day is a good opportunity to thank the people who provide you with administrative support.  Below are some factors to consider in celebrating the day: Does your administrative assistant want public acknowledgement? In today’s world of professionalized skill, not all administrative staff like to be characterized as “administrative.” To them, it may hark…
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Writing to Be Read

Writing to Be Read thumbnail

Here’s an activity to celebrate National Reading Month: practice your own writing!  When we think about speed reading exercises, we often think about our role as a reader. In this article, we review writing tips that will help others speed read what we write! Headings and Bullets. In today’s information packed world, we write for…
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Read with Speed: Celebrating National Reading Month

Read with Speed: Celebrating National Reading Month thumbnail

National Reading Month is a great time to reflect on your reading habits. Try these speed reading exercises to help you on your way: Skim with Purpose, Review your Understanding. Want to assess your speed reading ability? Start a timer, and then pick a chapter in a book and read it normally. Jot down the…
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Three Management Success Books

Three Management Success Books thumbnail

Looking for some good management books for National Reading Month? Here are three that have been around a while but remain timeless in their insights. “The Goal” by Eliyahu M. Goldratt and Jeff Cox (North River Press; 30th Anniversary Edition; 2014). Who thought an operations management book could be such a great novel, and that…
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