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Continuing Education for Accountants

Just as some employees negotiate for more continuing education opportunities through their employer, employees in those industries that require continuing education credit often grumble and complain. Instead of grousing, here are some tips to get the most out of those CPE credits and maybe even make them a little more fun.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Continuing Education Benefit Program

In today’s competitive environment, businesses in all industries across the U.S., but especially in Tech and Healthcare, are looking for ways to recruit and retain employee talent. It may be a surprise to you that as many as 95 percent of businesses offer financial support for employee education as an employee benefit. Unfortunately, according to…
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Continuing Education – Not just for Employees Anymore!

In November of last year, Fortune magazine reported that unfilled job openings at U.S. businesses create an economic cost of roughly $160 billion a year.[1] Yes, that’s with a B. The article attributes a part of this due to decreased production when positions remain unfilled. For example, when an open sales position exists a business…
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How to Create a Leadership Development Program for your Business

The Leadership Development Factbook 2014: Benchmarks and Trends in U.S. Leadership Development, produced for Bersin by Deloitte reveals that Leadership continues to be the number one Human Capital concern for businesses[1]. As organizations struggle with leadership gaps at all management levels, the report shows businesses responding with more leadership development spending. Small companies saw the…
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Personal Leadership Development Plan

You do what you plan. All of us, whether in business or everyday life, are more likely to accomplish a task if we first create a plan. Leadership and personal development coach, Michael Hyatt, shares that writing down those goals helps you clarify your intentions, motivates you to take action and gets you through distractions…
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The Importance of Business Communication

Companies understand that internal communication is important to their business operations. Still, many fail to implement deliberate internal communication programs that address broader corporate needs such as revenue goals, brand consistency and company values. As a result, middle managers, co-workers, media, friends and outside organizations determine what messages employees receive.

How to Improve Business Communication

The idea that “people work for people, not for a company” is even more relevant in today’s work environment than when it was conceived. Modern employees are more independent and demand more flexibility from their work environment. Teams are more geographically dispersed and more employees telecommute than in any other previous generation[1].

Technology in Business Communication

The technology explosion of the past two decades has left businesses running catch-up. It’s easy for an individual to use a smart phone, but how does a large, or even not-so-large, organization leverage that convenience into business advantage? In some cases, communication technology has even harmed efficiencies by introducing tools that generate massive amounts of…
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