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Customize Spellcheck and Grammar Check Options in Excel

While working in Excel, you may want to change which AutoCorrect / AutoFormat alerts you see (and don’t see) in the creation process. Luckily, you can customize the spelling and grammar checker by selecting specific options to employ (or not) as Excel checks your cell data. Customize Spellcheck Settings Click the File tab. Click the…
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Create a Custom AutoFill Series in Excel

Excerpted from QuickClicks Microsoft Excel 2016 Reference Guide You have a set of offices and sales regions, products and specific business time units (quarters, semi-annual) that you enter repeatedly. AutoFill would be helpful, but the default AutoFill lists do not contain these terms. What can you do? Create a customized AutoFill list. When you have…
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Create a 3-D Power Map in Excel

Microsoft’s latest release of Excel has some powerful updates. Our latest 2016 highlight is the popular Power Map add-in. This feature can plot geographic and temporal data on a globe or custom map in a three-dimensional presentation. You can view data changing over time and create animated presentations called “tours”. Imagine you’re creating a presentation…
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Excel Macro Email

Among the many little-known and perhaps even-less-used hacks one could exploit via Microsoft Office, an Excel macro email can save precious hours on a weekly basis. As a bonus, understanding the nature of these handy little “cheats” provides an incidental beginner’s introduction to some very basic principles of coding. This handy VBA code will send…
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Save Time With Our Excel Formulas Cheat Sheet

Syntax, Operators and Functions…Oh My! Do you speak Excel? Are you just starting out and trying to remember the go-to lingo? Well, today’s blog post is a snapshot of helpful cheat sheet material to help you build your Excel skills. Advanced Filter Criteria Popular Excel Functions and Descriptions Next Steps As you continue working in…
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Highlight Valuable Data With Excel Conditional Formulas

You can conditionally format your data in order to draw attention to outliers and quickly assess how significant your data points are. Conditional formatting can be used to highlight interesting cells, emphasize unusual values, and visualize data using data bars, color scales, and icon sets based on specific criteria. Excel has several built in conditions…
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Use Multiple Worksheets to Create 3D Excel Charts

A 3D Excel formula allows you to calculate cells across multiple worksheets. It is incredibly useful for creating a summary sheet to share data with others. You can then share the results visually with the help of a 3D Excel Chart. Download and follow along with 3D Excel Charts.xlsx. Step-by-Step: 3D Excel Formula Make sure…
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