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Excel Date Formula

Have you ever entered a project due date into a spreadsheet by manually counting the number of days and typing in the number? If so, then you’ve also experienced the tedium of recalculating those dates by hand and retyping them.

Excel Gantt Chart Template

Manage Your Projects with Our Excel Gantt Chart Template Are you required to manage project timelines when dates for dependencies are shifting? Do you need to know how the latest resource adjustment will affect the project deliverable dates? Then you need a Gantt chart. Some managers can’t function without expensive project management software such as…
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Excel Offset Formula

How do you find a single value in a table? How do you find, say, the number in the fifth column of the third row? Try out the Excel offset formula! The OFFSET function finds a cell (or range of cells) that is a specific number of cells away from your starting point. To show…
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Excel Formula Count

Are you trying to count values in your worksheet and don’t understand why the result is too high? Or are you looking for a method that excludes blank cells? Maybe you want to count only values which are greater than 1,000. Excel gives you the power to count only the values that meet your criteria…
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