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How to Use Excel Chart Templates

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How often do you need to insert a favorite chart style, consistent with your prior submission, to maintain a consistent look and feel to your monthly reporting packages? That consistency is one element that increases the appearance of professionalism—especially if it reflects your company’s brand, typography, and color scheme.

Copy Excel Formulas Down to Fill a Column

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One of the more tedious tasks in Excel is to copy a formula down an entire column of a report. Not only is it mind-numbing, but it also leaves the opportunity for error if you don’t copy the formula down to exactly the correct cells. For best results, try one of the methods below.

Creating a Flowchart in Excel

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Have you been tasked with creating a flowchart to document a business process? Some companies invest in expensive, specialized software that builds flowcharts for you with just a few points and clicks. Other businesses prefer to use a tool which they already have, and in which the employees have already been trained: Excel.