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Public Speaking Anxiety?: It’s Just a Conversation

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I was 26 years old and had just learned that my presentation was selected for a large conference. There would be 200 people in the audience, the organizers told me, “so, be prepared.”  I was so excited! As the sun rose the day of the presentation, my excitement changed to panic. Despite all my preparation…
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Customer Service Training Activities: Stories and Strategies

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The best team building activities allow people to have fun, while also creating something that will be useful to the team in the future. In this post, we share some small group activities to share with your customer service teams. First, form small groups of people that provide similar types of customer service: 4-5 people in…
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Group Problem Solving: Customer Service Challenges

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In this post, we offer an idea for a customer service call center exercise with groups of 10-60 people — you need a large space, chart paper and markers.  The goal is to allow people to share their customer service experiences — and fears — in a safe supportive forum. First, tape chart paper on…
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Rewarding Customer Service: Creative Gifts

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Everyone likes to feel noticed and appreciated — and for staff working on the front lines with customers, a small reward or gift for the work they do can be particularly meaningful.  I once worked with an employee-centered customer service manager who has a great set of small symbolic gifts and rewards — each embossed…
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How to Say It: Phrases for a Performance Appraisal

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Performance appraisals can create stress for supervisors, particularly when you need to provide corrective feedback. Even the most experienced managers can find themselves at a loss for words during the conversation.  Here are some phrases to help engage the employee in a two-way dialogue. “The ABC Project was a key area of focus for you…
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The First Rule of Appraisals: No Surprises

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Samantha and James ran into each other in the break room and began discussing their upcoming employee review.  James is feeling a great deal of stress because he has a lot of uncertainties.  Samantha is looking forward to meeting with her supervisor and getting a chance to discuss her future with the company.  Samantha feels…
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Leadership and Teamwork: Blending I and We

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“There is no I in TEAM” is a popular expression, but great teams know that individual leadership is essential to effective teamwork. In fact, without effective leadership, teams often lose focus and direction, and work and morale suffer as a result. Different leadership approaches work equally well on teams. When you are launching a team,…
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Bringing the Outside In: Teams and External Awareness

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When we talk about teamwork, we often focus on internal dynamics: goal setting, communication, leadership and process. It is equally important, however, to build team skills in political savvy and external awareness. These skills help the team scan their environment for new information, and prepare key stakeholders for future steps associated with the team’s work….
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Five Communication Tips for Teams

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Communication is a central activity for all teams. In this post, we review five practical communication tips that lead to better teamwork. Make it common practice to revisit the goal. Many team-focused articles talk about the importance of mission clarity and alignment, but too often, teams don’t actually ask, “wait, why are we doing this?”…
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