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Teams That Work

Creative strategies to encourage, empower and energize any team — even through tough times.

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Employees who are unmotivated and disconnected often create conflict in the workplace. How can you create a motivating atmosphere, provide your team with a common sense of direction, and ensure you gain buy-in from each team member during any economic climate?

In addition to the daily struggles of maintaining a high-functioning work team, managers, supervisors, and team leaders are faced with a number of other challenges when economic times are tough. Leaders are expected to get more done with fewer resources, cope with budget cuts and corporate crises, explain employee benefit changes and reductions, deal with hiring and wage freezes and handle any other conflicts that may arise in the workplace. Employees may feel dejected and unappreciated and may suffer from outside distractions that can hurt both individual and team performance.

Tough times call for creativity and innovation in leadership. Making teams work isn't simply a skill that certain supervisors and managers possess. In this powerful one-hour audio conference, we'll provide you with strategies and techniques to help you start building a highly cohesive and productive work team that is united in purpose.

Don't spend another minute wondering how to transform your employees into an effective, compassionate and collaborative team. Teams That Work will help you:

  • Coach your employees to generate higher quality work
  • Motivate others to consistently perform at their best
  • Enhance your image and produce stronger results as a team leader
  • Keep productivity high during employee or financial turmoil
  • Delegate projects and responsibilities
  • Encourage your team to meet challenges before they occur
  • Deliver top results — no matter what business conditions you're facing

These tips and techniques will help you create a well run and highly productive team, whatever your organization's industry. After all, you are expected to supervise and manage a successful team —regardless of what's going on in the world around you. The way your team functions is a direct reflection on you and your supervision skills.

You can create an interconnected and successful work team that works toward common goals and shares in great success. This 1-hour audio conference will provide you with strategies, techniques, and tips you can implement — starting today — to keep you one step ahead of the conflicts and roadblocks that may arise during tough times in the corporate world. Order your copy today, and start making your team work!

What You'll Learn

  • The key characteristics of highly functional teams
  • How to conduct a team diagnostic — how healthy and driven is your team?
  • Secrets of motivating the team — particularly when morale is low and stress is high
  • The essential elements to include when designing a team development plan
  • The top traits of successful team leaders — what they do, and why it works in any business condition
  • How to deal with difficult team member behaviors and individual work styles
  • Five communication rules of engagement that will keep petty bickering in check
  • Specific actions to help you eliminate toxic team dynamics
  • The secret to creating mutual respect, trust, and understanding between team members
  • Effective ways to motivate, recognize, and reward employees that will enhance your team's productivity and keep morale high
  • Four leadership actions that inspire team confidence during even the most difficult business conditions
  • And much more!

Who Will Benefit

Managers, supervisors, team leaders, business owners and everyone experienced or new to the organization; who wants to experience an improved team dynamic and increase cohesiveness among employees.

As always, your satisfaction is our #1 priority. If for any reason you're dissatisfied, we'll arrange for you to attend another seminar, choose a different product, or receive a full refund — hassle free!

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Teams That Work

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