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Strategic Problem Solving for Better Decision Making

Improve your analytical abilities and critical thought with this problem solving skills training.

Webinar - Digital Download - Recording from event on 03/10/17
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Struggling with creating long-term, impactful solutions?

Decision making and problem solving are at the heart of what successful people do best. Professionals in all industries must navigate these tedious tasks through high levels of uncertainty. Teams made up of multi-functional players from varied schools of thought can either act to stimulate or suppress creative thinking in the workplace. The competitive landscape of business in today’s world is in a mode of constant re-design and must be monitored for change. Besides making short-term tactical decisions, managers must be able to comfortably and confidently execute tasks requiring long-term, strategic decision making. Problem solving with a view to the future is one of the challenges requiring the critical thinking skills many people lack.

Strategic Problem Solving for Better Decision Making is designed to improve your analytical abilities and guide you toward critical thought. You will understand the decision making process from start to finish. You will receive the tools necessary to develop your ability to strategically make individual, team and organizational decisions. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • When problem solving, do past outcomes weigh heavily in determining future solutions?
  • Do you feel stifled by other people when trying to problem-solve?
  • When solving a problem do you often second-guess your decisions?
  • Are you looking for specific action steps to spark strategic thinking in your teammates?
  • Do you find it difficult to challenge your own beliefs or opinions when seeking to solve problems?
  • Do you find details are drowning out the productivity of your decision making processes?

Answering ‘yes’ to any of these questions indicates this problem solving skills training will offer solutions which will benefit not only you, but your entire team! During this information-packed hour we will explore the best practices and behaviors that lead to strong strategic thinking, problem solving and decision-making habits. You will learn how to effectively use critical thinking and gain a more thorough understanding of the connection between a decision and a solution. Learning to employ the 7 Step Approach to Problem Solving will eliminate the tendency to procrastinate allowing for a higher level of productivity due to more timely decision making and strategic problem solving.

This course walks you through enlightening information and helps you to begin using strategic problems solving techniques immediately.

What You'll Learn

  • Making a decision vs. strategically solving a problem — What’s the difference?
  • The 5 main benefits of strategic problem solving
  • The 6 habits of strategic thinkers
  • Tips for recognizing your thinking and problem solving style
  • How to strategically think about tomorrow’s business decisions
  • Using the SWOT analysis strategically
  • The 7 step approach to strategic problem solving
  • Who Will Benefit

    Managers, supervisors, team leaders, team members, HR personnel and anyone who wants to begin strategically thinking and solving problems in business or otherwise!

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