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Becoming a Trainer with Fred Pryor Seminars / CareerTrack
Creative strategies for gaining buy-in and cooperation… from even your most reluctant team members!

Being a contract trainer is not for the timid or meek. This is a career choice that is perfect for professionals who enjoy something new and challenging and different every day. It‘s a big commitment and it isn‘t to be taken lightly but for those ready for the adventure, we have opportunities available immediately!

What do contractors do for Fred Pryor Seminars and CareerTrack? Contract trainers stand before thousands of our customers every year in every major city in North America to train, entertain, and change lives by facilitating 1- and 2-day seminars, keynote presentations, consulting, and providing continuing educational opportunities through organizational on-demand learning, audio resources, and books.

How do they get there? Planes, trains, and automobiles!

Why do they do it? Let’s start with terrific commission revenue from the contract relationship and then add these points:

  • Watch light bulbs turn on as customers learn new skills
  • Watch customers take next steps to life-long learning
  • Travel
  • Do what you love – train and help people - while we do the marketing
  • Meet new people
  • Flexibility
  • Independence

So get ready to go! The following maps will guide you to the proper gear to lead you to the career of your dreams. It‘s not every day you wake up and get to start a new adventure, let‘s go!

Ready to apply? We're ready to hear from you! Audition to become a Fred Pryor Seminars/CareerTrack trainer today!

Is Contract Training Right For You?

Join an incredible, powerful professional network!

By aligning your business with Fred Pryor Seminars and CareerTrack, you'll be part of an extensive network of training vendors sharing the latest business information. Your company will have access to contractor-led study groups, informative updates and communication via voicemail, our vast training resource library, and more.'ll have all the resources and advantages that come with being part of a powerful corporate organization, while maintaining your independence and freedom.

Leave the details to us!

You do the training — we do the planning. We take pride in our high standards of customer service and expect those same high standards to be carried out by our vendors who work directly with our customers.

Our standardized delivery and scheduling system leaves you free to concentrate on what you do best – deliver a great day of training.

Personal benefits of a contract vendor relationship with us!

As a seasoned training professional, you will have an opportunity to improve your skills through your association with us. Our professional development opportunities for contract trainers are the best in the business.

You'll begin with a comprehensive training program before you deliver your first seminar for us. Ongoing learning opportunities include trainer networking meetings, customer feedback, study groups, and more.

Each of these opportunities serves to enhance your skills, refine your techniques, and increase your professional value and earnings potential as a Fred Pryor Seminars and CareerTrack contract trainer and as an entrepreneur. When you're successful, we're successful.

Increase your earnings!

Our top performers, who work full training schedules, generate revenues in excess of $75K annually for their businesses. Several factors contribute to their success and will determine whether you match or exceed this revenue potential:

  • The experience you bring initially to this opportunity
  • Your successful completion of the intensive Fred Pryor Seminars/CareerTrack Trainer Certification
  • Your ability to incorporate feedback quickly
  • Your ability to successfully sell continuing education to organizations with our Training Rewards program as well as our CareerStore training resources.

Expand your horizons!

If you like to travel, this is an exceptional opportunity to explore cities across the United States and Canada. Our dedicated travel agents book all the travel arrangements associated with doing a Fred Pryor Seminars or CareerTrack seminar. And you get to keep all frequent user perks that hotels and airlines shower on frequent travelers!

As an independent contractor, you get to choose which days you make available to us to schedule. The amount of flexibility this opportunity affords will allow you to do as much business as you prefer with us while continuing to serve your established clients.

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Trek along for a week in the life of a Contract Trainer…

Your gear is all packed into a neat bag that fits into the overhead compartment, no checking bags for our intrepid adventurers! Your laptop and projector tucked under the seat in front of you and you are off to your exciting week of travel and training.

Plan on four or five days for the typically scheduled run. Each day of the public run you teach the same topic to a different audience with travel between the cities.

Sunday you fly to Dallas. You’re up bright and early Monday morning to greet customers arriving at the training venue for the 9:00 seminar. You provide an awesome day of training that goes right up to 4:00 and the resource sales have been terrific!

Participants choose to enroll their entire departments in the Training Rewards program and they invest in themselves by choosing to order tutorials and books. Participants are pumped and excited to return to work and share what they have learned with managers, co-workers, and team members.

Monday night you drive to Oklahoma City, locate the training venue, and then go to your hotel to get a good night’s sleep. Tuesday morning you head over to the training venue to execute day two of top-notch, A+ training.

Tuesday evening you make the quick drive over to Tulsa.

Wednesday night you fly from Tulsa to Kansas City to deliver day four of the run. It’s been a fabulous week so far!

But wait! Your map says that Friday is something different for our adventurer! On Friday you’re scheduled to teach an on-site for a private client. On this day you are teaching a completely different seminar topic than you have been teaching all week. This seminar is tailored specifically to the needs of this client.

Your map for success in insuring you meet all client objectives has been provided to you by our training consultant. This is the Pryor associate who has worked very closely with the client to identify just the right topic. When you get assigned to this business the training consultant does a complete prep with you. At this point, you contact the client and introduce yourself and let the client know you’re working in concert with the training consultant to provide an outstanding day of tailored training.

You can really dig in with this group and get to the heart of their issues because these participants all work for the same company. At the end of the day you have set up a meeting with the manager to share your observations and discuss next steps. A true consultant here, you uncover needs, discuss objectives, desired outcomes, and make recommendations.

But remember, you’re not alone on this expedition. Your partner is the training consultant! Stay in close touch.

Friday night and now you’re headed home from this week’s adventures. Sunday, you start all over again!

Ready to apply? We're ready to hear from you!
Audition to become a Fred Pryor Seminars/CareerTrack trainer today!


Where is the Pot of Gold?

There are many variables and options for generating revenue for your company when you contract with Fred Pryor Seminars and CareerTrack. The most popular options are conducting seminars for our public and on-site audiences and the sale of our learning tools.

“X” marks the spot!

Our most popular option is Training Rewards. This allows an individual to attend as many 1- and 2-day seminars are they wish in a 12 month period. Further, the individual has access to 1100+ on-demand courses that may be taken anywhere, at any time, on any computer. Organizations are securing Training Rewards for individuals, departments, and with increasing regularity, for the entire organization. If you thought it felt good to help guide an individual to the pathway of success, imagine how you feel when you have helped an entire organization grow!

We have an extensive library of audio, DVD, audioconferences, webinars, and books available for our customers to purchase.

Contractors earn significant revenue in sales commission.

For example, our top 10 trainers for the last fiscal year earned $929,000.

Immediate opportunities for contractors are in the topics listed below:

Fred Pryor Seminars and CareerTrack deliver more than 100 career-building courses in a variety of topics, including Communication, Management, Computer Software, Finance & Budgeting, Grammar, Writing & Design Skills, Conflict & Stress Management, and much more!

We are currently seeking subject-matter experts in the following areas:

Finance & Budgeting:

  • Collecting Accounts Receivable
  • How to Manage and Organize Accounts Payable
  • How to Understand and Manage Sales and Use Tax
  • Payroll Management

Computer Software Applications:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Crystal Reports
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Excel
  • QuickBooks

Writing & Design:

  • How to Design Eye-Catching Brochures, Newsletters, Ads, and Reports
  • Mistake-Free Grammar & Proofreading

Legal & Safety:

  • The Basics of Personnel Law for Managers
  • Employment Law
  • Payroll Management
  • Records Retention and Destruction
  • Rules & Regulations of Workplace Safety and OSHA Compliance
  • Rules & Regulations of Workplace Safety and Cal/OSHA Compliance

Management & Professional Development:

  • How to Organize and Maintain Files and Records
  • Requirements of Human Resources

Ready to apply? We're ready to hear from you!
Audition to become a Fred Pryor Seminars/CareerTrack trainer today!


What are some basics for the Contractor on this adventure?

Lace up your hiking boots and let’s take a tour of the steps to be a successful contract trainer. Let’s see if you have the right stuff for this adventure.

For more than 40 years, our customers have come to expect high-quality training from us. Our goal is to continue to meet and exceed their expectations. Therefore, we seek a high standard of excellence from our Independent Contract Trainers.

Characteristics our most successful trainers possess:

Real-World Business Experience: While every seminar follows an established, outlined curriculum, our contract trainers illustrate and enrich the material with their own expertise. You should be able to relate the seminar to your own experiences, as well as those of the audience. We count on our contract trainers to convey their individual insights and to provide "real-world" applications for the subject.

Story-Telling Ability: Nothing makes a point faster than the emotional appeal of a great story. Strong presentation skills are the foundation of every successful trainer. Combining talent and technique, you must be able to capture the attention of an audience, and keep it -- for an entire day.

Interactive Training Style: Leading a seminar isn't easy. We want to contract with professionals who are excellent trainers. You should know how to reach and teach the adult learner, and be comfortable in group training situations. Our customers are adult learners who want a trainer who is a "Guide on the Side, Not a Sage on the Stage." No lecturers need apply.

Sales Experience: If you are motivated to increase your company’s bottom line, you want to contract with Fred Pryor Seminars and CareerTrack. We offer books, tapes, videos, and software at each seminar to enhance continued learning and training. Your success and revenue potential are directly tied to your ability to sell CareerStore products. You should be able to explain their benefits and relevance to your audience and encourage sales.

Flexibility and Independence: You're "on your own" most of the time -- that means you must be able to handle a multitude of situations independently. If you're adaptable, a problem-solver, remain calm in crisis situations, enjoy working independently, and have a "show-must-go-on" attitude, then you've got what it takes to succeed as an independent contract trainer with Fred Pryor Seminars and CareerTrack.

Personality-Plus: As a trainer, you'll need to form a special bond with each audience and have the affable, charismatic personality to establish a relationship from the platform. You are the seminar!

Entertainment Appeal: Seminar audiences expect more than just information -- they expect learning to be entertaining as well. If you can present informative material in a fun, fast-forward style and teach your subject matter in a captivating, engaging format, you'll deliver what our audiences expect -- a creative, high-content program that keeps them entertained, engrossed, and attentive.

Professional Appearance and Credibility: First impressions are all -important. Our contract trainers always present a positive professional image -- their credibility depends on it.

Love of Learning: When you contract with us as a trainer, the learning has only just begun. To keep on top of the latest management thinking requires extensive reading, networking, and ongoing training.

Travel-Readiness: You'll be presenting back-to-back one-day seminars in 3-, 4-, or 5-day tours. Advance scheduling enables you to coordinate your seminar calendar with other commitments -- but you must be ready and willing to travel, with the ability to tolerate the strains and rigors that sometimes challenge the frequent traveler.

Commitment: We're committed to your success, and we want you to be committed to ours. We strive to build mutually beneficial relationships with our contract trainers, and we back that up through extensive resources, training, networking, and corporate support. Though we are your client, we want you to think of us as your partner.

Self-Coaching Experience: Your success will depend on your ability to take feedback from customers and corporate staff members, as well as your ability to identify places in your seminar that need improvement and development, and then make the appropriate changes. This is crucial to ensuring your success in both sales and customer satisfaction. We offer support to all trainers, but our most successful trainers are experts at self-correcting.

Entrepreneurial Experience: Do you currently own your own business or have the desire to chart your own future?

Ready to apply? We're ready to hear from you!
Audition to become a Fred Pryor Seminars/CareerTrack trainer today!


Take the Plunge! Steps to Becoming a Contract Trainer

The process to become a contract training vendor for Fred Pryor Seminars and CareerTrack begins with the first three phases. Each phase is specifically designed to give you the opportunity to demonstrate your training ability and learn more about us along the way.

  • Phase 1 - Vendor Audition
  • Phase 2 - Vendor Evaluation
  • Phase 3 - Trainer Certification


Phase 1 - Vendor Audition

The first step toward becoming a contract training vendor is the audition. You may audition in any of the following ways:

  • In person (live) at our corporate headquarters in Mission, Kansas.
  • Skype
  • YouTube (YouTube provides very clear and easy directions for uploading your filmed video to their web site and giving others the link to view it.)
  • Send us a link to your Web site where we may view video clips of your training
  • You may mail a DVD to 5700 Broadmoor, Ste. 300, Mission, KS 66202 ATTN: Trainer Recruiter

Adventurer’s Tip: Auditioning online in any format is the quickest way to be seen.

To schedule an audition and receive more information, please send an e-mail to Include a copy of your resume. In the subject line of your e-mail, please specify if you are requesting a live or online audition. Include a cover letter telling us why you would be a successful training vendor for Fred Pryor Seminars and CareerTrack

Unfortunately, due to the volume of auditions we receive, we are unable to offer feedback. You are however, welcome to audition again at any time.


Hot Ideas for a Great Audition

Your live/recorded audition will be evaluated on the following elements. You may want to use this as a checklist to help you prepare a successful audition.

Adventurer’s Tip: Make sure that you do not try to cover too much information in your audition. Make a point, explore that point, let the audience work with that point, and then provide application of that point for the participants to use when they return to their workplace.

Dynamic Presentation Skills
  • Energy: Your overall demeanor needs to convey to the participants that this will be a fun 7 minutes.
  • Gestures/Movement: Use the space provided rather than just stand in one spot. Be sure your gestures are noticeable and not small and contained.
  • Rate: Are you speaking at an appropriate rate of speed?
  • Resonance: Are you easy to understand? Too loud? Too soft?
  • Vocal Variety: Fluctuate your voice. Make sure that there are times when you are loud, times when you are soft, times when you speak more quickly, times when you slow down. Don't forget to pause!
  • Confidence: Are you comfortable in the front of the room? Does it show?
Training Ability
  • Interactive: Make it about the participants. Plan a short activity. This can be a group or individual activity. (Example: Take a few seconds and write down ...") Be sure to debrief the activity to help us understand its purpose.
  • Have a Clear Point: Be specific about your intentions. Why should we care about what you are going to cover? This is a great place to include benefits. (Example: "We are going to learn an easy method for prioritizing your to-do list so that you can devote less time to organizing your to-do's and more time doing them.")
  • Use Examples: Are you using examples that help us understand what we are supposed to do? Do your stories and statistics support points you are making?
  • Storytelling Ability: A story is the best way to engage the audience. Great storytellers are great teachers.
  • Knowledgeable: If you show us clear application, we will believe you are knowledgeable.
  • Application: At the end of your 7-minute audition, are we able to do something differently? Do we have the knowledge to accomplish something that we may not have been able to previously do? This is tricky, because just giving us information about something won't accomplish this goal. It is important to train us how to do something in order to get credit for this in your evaluation.
Sales Minded — You are not the expert, your resources are!
  • Teach from Resources: This doesn't mean to incorporate direct quotes. In order to accomplish this goal, you will need to teach us something you learned from a resource. (Example: I was listening to Jack Canfield teaching in Self-Esteem & Peak Performance. It never really occurred to me how negative my self-talk was. "You are such a dummy! Can't you do anything right? You're never going to get this done on time." Because I give myself a constant diet of this negative talk, it's no wonder I don't get heard in meetings or when I make suggestions to my boss ... or even in my own home! My communication suffers and so does my credibility. Does any of this sound familiar? What I learned from this man, who has become one of my personal coaches, are two techniques I want to share with you.
  • The first is repetition. As you drive to work each day say to yourself, "No matter what you say or do to me, I am a worthwhile person." Do this for 30 days and it will become an automatic response. In fact, I want you to write down that phrase to use until you develop one you like better. (Note: This will also help you achieve the interactive goal for your evaluation.) You might even practice saying it out loud once. Another technique is a success chart. Jack Canfield suggests to actually writing down the successes in your life. Most of us advocate this for others, but we tend to overlook our own success ..."
  • Continuous Learning Message: If you let us know you are a life-long learner and let us know the value of life-long learning, you will accomplish this goal.


  • Professional Appearance: Wear a monochromatic business suit. Men should wear a tie. Women should wear long sleeved jackets and closed toed shoes. This is not about being stylish. It is about looking professional. Think of a local news anchorperson. Would you want to get your news from someone who looks sloppy or unprofessional? Our customers will see an unprofessional, unpolished trainer as incapable or training them in business skills.
  • Professional Attitude: From the time you walk into the room, to the time you leave, are you acting the part? You should still be yourself, but you should also be the business version of yourself. This should not be the same you that goes out with your friends on Saturday night.
  • Appropriate Language and Examples: Don't use the name of a business in a negative example. Don't use swear words. Poor grammar is acceptable only if it is used as part of a story or example to make a point.
Personality — People Buy from People They Like!
  • Likable & Approachable: Have fun and be yourself at the front of the room. You should be the same person during your 7-minute audition that you are when chatting with people before your audition. People will like the real you a lot better than some fake "trainer person" you could morph into. DON'T FORGET TO SMILE!!!


Phase 2 - Vendor Evaluation

Each prospective vendor who demonstrates the skills and qualities we are looking for will be invited to enter the Vendor Evaluation Phase of the process. For qualified trainers, this evaluation phase will begin about 2-3 weeks following the Audition Phase. Each trainer who successfully completes the Vendor Evaluation Phase is required to complete a background check before being invited to Phase 3 - Trainer Certification.

During this phase, we are evaluating your past work experience and your level of commitment to becoming a top performer. This process may include a phone interview and/or verifying customer references.


Phase 3 - Trainer Certification

This final phase is designed to help you learn how to match your training and presentation skills to the expectations of our customers. Phase 3 includes a 3-day, intensive trainer certification program at our corporate offices. Only a select few make it to this phase, so when you come to our offices you will be among the top training vendors in the industry. You will get to:

  • Prepare and practice an actual Fred Pryor Seminars or CareerTrack topic
  • Receive coaching and feedback from other professional trainers
  • Learn how to improve your success level more quickly with Fred Pryor Seminars and CareerTrack customers, topics, and products

Trainers who successfully complete the Trainer Certification and wish to contract with us are recommended to our Review Committee for final approval. The Review Committee decides if a contract will be offered based on topics, experience, and general aptitude for a B2B relationship, and then submits our Independent Speaker Engagement and Non-Disclosure Agreement to approved training vendors. Once this Agreement has been signed and returned to Fred Pryor Seminars and CareerTrack, your business is able to take full advantage of the opportunities that we provide.

Incorporation Requirement: As an independent contractor, you will sign a Trainer Agreement requiring that we contract with you through your corporation. If you are not operating your business through an existing corporation, you will need to incorporate your business before signing the Independent Speaker Engagement and Non-Disclosure Agreement. You may wish to consult with your tax or legal advisers about the necessary steps and possible advantages available to you by incorporating. We are able to sign agreements with companies that are classified as S-Corporations, C-Corporations, or Limited Liability Companies (LLCs).

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What to Expect When You Reach the Peak?

What we offer you.

Join an incredible, powerful professional network: As a Fred Pryor Seminar and CareerTrack trainer, you'll be part of an extensive network of independent contractors sharing the latest business information. As you choose to access contractor-led study groups, voicemail, and more, you'll have all the resources and advantages of a powerful corporate organization — while maintaining your independence and freedom.

Leave the details to us: You do the training - we do the planning. Our experienced meeting planners handle the logistics — from securing the venue, to providing participant materials, to setting up the room. Workshop materials are shipped directly to the site; at larger seminars a Program Manager will assist with seminar registration, sales, and other particulars. You're free from the multitude of details and tricky logistics of seminar planning — free to concentrate on what you do best — presenting a lively, productive seminar.

Independence with stability: As an independent contract trainer for Fred Pryor Seminars and CareerTrack, you'll feel like you're part of a corporate team as well as an entrepreneur. As a contractor you are naturally free to pursue and build other business interests while contracting with an established company.

The training you need to be the best: Even seasoned professionals improve their skills through their association with us. Our professional development opportunities for contract trainers are the best in the business. You'll begin by successfully completing a comprehensive Trainer Certification before you give your first seminar. Ongoing learning opportunities, including trainer networking meetings, customer feedback, study groups, and more, all serve to enhance your skills, refine your techniques, and increase your professional value and revenue potential. When you're successful, we're successful.

Put your creativity to work: Your skills as an instructional design consultant are also valuable. We offer you the opportunity to develop seminars and training products as projects arise.

High rewards for what you do best: Like the thought of a ready-made audience? Our expertise is in handling the marketing, planning, and the details. Since your expertise is in training, when you arrive to begin the seminar, our audience will be ready and waiting. You'll be able to pursue your love of speaking and teaching, without the time, expense, and hassle of marketing it.

All the cooperation you need: The team assembled in our office is detail oriented, ambitious, fast-moving, and fun! If this is the kind of professional team you like to work with, we're it! No matter what is required to serve our customer’s needs, you can count on our cooperative, smart, motivated professionals. You'll enjoy working with our team - you'll sense their camaraderie and high morale immediately.

Expand your horizons! If you like to travel, this is an exceptional opportunity to explore cities across the United States and in Canada. We work to simplify travel by scheduling well in advance. Advance travel planning enables you to coordinate other commitments with your seminar schedule.

Incorporation Requirement: As an independent contractor, the Trainer Agreement you will sign requires that we contract with you through your corporation. If you are not operating your trainer business through an existing corporation, you will need to incorporate your business before you can sign the Trainer Agreement. You will want to consult with your tax or legal advisors about the necessary steps and possible advantages available to you from incorporating.

Ongoing Trainer Development

Once you've successfully completed Trainer Certification and are selected to begin leading seminars, we continue to offer you support through ongoing training. Study groups, led by trainers, keep you on the cutting edge, while affording a great opportunity to interact with your peers. If you need specific information or materials, our extensive resources are available for your purchase at special trainer discounts. And, we encourage you to attend our other seminars, free, to help you keep perspective with your audience and learn from other successful trainers. Contractors are also provided with free, 100% access to their own Training Rewards membership. You may attend 1- and 2-day Fred Pryor Seminars and CareerTrack seminars at no charge. Plus, you have access to 1100+ on-demand topics for your own development.

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What should I know about Fred Pryor Seminars & CareerTrack?

Who we are:
Fred Pryor Seminars and CareerTrack are divisions of Pryor Learning Solutions, Inc.

The original:
Company founder, Fred Pryor, originated the now-popular 1-day business seminar in 1970. Since then, Fred Pryor Seminars has built a strong reputation for delivering training that has the 3 A's: it's Affordable, it's Accessible, and it's A+. CareerTrack and Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics complete our brand offering. Our corporate offices are located in the Kansas City metropolitan area and every year we conduct thousands of seminars in the U.S. and Canada.

An exciting, growing company: Although we have a long history in the seminar business, we are still growing, expanding, and changing to meet client and market needs. Current seminar topics include selections on supervision and business management, computers and software, written and oral communication, customer service, and leadership.

A 3-pronged marketing approach: Our seminar leaders are actively involved in all three business centers. Public seminars, the bedrock of our business, are open to participants from all types of organizations, in a wide range of positions. We also present many private seminars tailored to the specific challenges and needs of our clients. Finally, we offer a wide range of audio, video, and printed training resources at our public seminars, in our catalogs, and on our web site. We are very excited about our Training Rewards program. This program provides for free public seminar attendance for 12 months in addition to 1100+ on-demand courses. Organizations in our seminars are investing in their team with Training Rewards every day!

Thank You... For your interest in Fred Pryor Seminars and CareerTrack. You've heard from us, and now we're interested in hearing from you. Let the adventure begin!

Ready to apply? We're ready to hear from you!
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See What Other Contractors Say About the Experience

“I have been a professional trainer, seminar leader and key note speaker for over 15 years. I chose to work with Fred Pryor Seminars primarily because of their commitment to the quality of the curriculum, dedication to seminar attendees and their support of their trainers. They have grown to be my largest client.”

-Larry Singer


"Fred Pryor Seminars, they have given me EVERYTHING I need to succeed as a Seminar Leader, all I have to do is DELIVER!"

-Billy Wigley


“I am so glad I took the leap of faith in attending the Fred Pryor Trainer Certification program. It has been the best way to get my speaking business up and running. Having the opportunity to cover various topics, hone my speaking skills and adapt to audiences has been priceless- Plus to top it off I even get paid to develop my skills!”

-Kelly Alcorn


"Have you ever wondered how the leading training company in the world stays on top and continues to fill seminars every day? Have you ever wondered what the best professional trainers do to make sure they deliver exceptional value every moment, and ultimately get the results they want from their training?

The 3 days I spent with the world class training team and company at the Fred Pryor Trainer certification class delivered all this and so much more.

The amount of content and value you get from the intensive 3 days will blow you away. Whatever level of trainer you are today, when you walk out of their certification class, you will be on an entirely new level. Most importantly, you will be equipped with the knowledge you need to have a successful training career so you can make a difference and living immediately."

-Manley Feinberg


“I went through the certification for Fred Pryor Seminars and CareerTrack. It was the best use of time I ever spent in my career. They “tweaked” my teaching skills, and made me a better trainer.

Certification was very intense and focused. Most of the certification instructors were trainers themselves, so they know what we face on the road and in the seminar room. And, they were able to prepare us for the future.

I am fortunate to teach a subject that is popular and I am kept as busy as I want to be. I can go to Trainer Central and block out the weeks I don’t want to work, and they follow my wishes.

The support is always there when I need it, and they supply comments that continually make my training better. Trainer Central is a gold mine of information for the trainers on the road.

I would recommend being a trainer for Fred Pryor Seminars and CareerTrack to anyone who has the talent.

As a side issue, the travel to different parts of the country is fun. I get to see a lot of the nation that I would have never seen otherwise. And, most of my seminars are two days, so I can sight see if the location makes it worthwhile.”

-Douglas Lindt


"During my corporate career, I always dreamed of being a CareerTrack instructor. I was fortunate that my organization allowed me to attend many seminars each year. I set a goal 20 years ago to teach with CareerTrack; I have fulfilled that dream. I am passionate about helping others fulfill their goals and dreams, and this job allows me to do that each time I enter a facility to teach. Another great perk is that my husband and I love to travel! I choose topics that I want to teach, and the staff at Fred Pryor handles all of the details from marketing to travel plans. In a nutshell, I love this job!”

-Kathy Hawkins


“After 12 years of contracting with Fred Pryor Seminars, I feel that I still have a wonderful, professional experience through the entire process with scheduling, travel, onsite department, content/development and the corporate office staff. They treat me with the utmost respect and are extremely fun to work with as a contractor.”

-Robin White


“As an attendee of Fred Pryor Seminars I was able increase my knowledge and abilities. Through those seminars I learned to set my bar even higher, and I achieved many personal and professional goals and milestones through the continued life long learning.

Today as a Fred Pryor Seminars trainer that passion and desire to achieve has come full circle in that I can now help others achieve more than they thought possible. Fred Pryor Seminars continues to enrich my life as I am able to empower others to not just be complacent, but to reach beyond their comfort zone and fulfill their desire to be all they can be.”

-Scott Barhold


Seven years ago I began my relationship with Fred Pryor Seminars and Career Track. They have been a great client to work with through the years. The staff and support team go out of their way to support me in every way possible. Their professionalism and assistance make the training experience enjoyable AND profitable. I know that with their help I have touched hundreds of lives in a way that would not have been possible except through this relationship.

-George Rayburn


The partnership that I have with Fred Pryor Seminars/CareerTrack has enabled me to do what I love to do, training and education, and to not have to worry about the details that go into making those opportunities happen. While I had over fifteen years in adult education at the university level, FPS enabled me to make the transition in to the seminar business in the shortest possible time and at the lowest cost. I am very satisfied with my relationship with FPS and I expect to maintain it for years to come.

-Mark Busby

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