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Computer TrainingHouston

Houston’s excellent Computer Training means big success.

Fred Pryor Seminars and CareerTrack offer computer training courses to help you increase your computer efficiency at work. Enroll today and see what it can do for you. As big as Texas, your computer skills can go vast and deep, but there should always be the desire to improve your efficiency and effectiveness. Learn the must-use tips and tricks in Houston to keep you on the cutting edge of innovation.

  • Learn from the experts with live and in person training with an emphasis on computer training located in the Houston metropolitan area.
  • Go online to see our wide variety of webinars, viewable anytime, anywhere - from on the Houston metro to the comfort of your favorite recliner at home.

With Fred Pryor Seminars and CareerTrack computer training courses, your career will take off like the Space Shuttle missions at the Johnson Space Center.

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Computer Training Live Seminars

Spend a day with a business savvy professional that will help you sharpen your computer skills at an upcoming seminar in your area. Fred Pryor Seminars and CareerTrack have developed an extensively tested, structured software learning system that makes it easier to learn and make every minute count. Be sure to check out our dynamic hands-off teaching approach.

Computer for Webinars

Computer Skills CD-ROMs

Unlocking the Secrets of
Microsoft® Excel® 2010

Unlocking the Secrets of
Microsoft® Access® 2010

Unlocking the Secrets of Microsoft Excel 2010 Cover

Learn how to set up Excel to meet your personal needs at work or at home. Whether you are new at working with Excel or already a power user, this powerful and unique training program will show you how to customize its many features so that it works for you today!

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Unlocking the Secrets of Microsoft Access 2010 Cover

Microsoft Access doesn't look like any other Microsoft application. To the uninitiated, it can be confusing and overwhelming … but not anymore. With Unlocking the Secrets of Microsoft Access, you'll know exactly where to go to get the information you want.

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Training CD-ROMs
Unlimited Online Computer Training

There are so many computer training courses from the top training organization in the nation. We have the computer courses you need to know: all Microsoft®, and all the best design and presentation software, web applications, HTML and so much more! Many are offered only online, which is a great way to learn computer programs at your own pace.

  • 60 Minutes of Excel® Secrets
    (Webinar CD)
  • 60 Minutes of Adobe® Acrobat Secrets
  • Great Layout & Design: Tips, Tricks and the Latest Trends
  • Microsoft® Excel® Made Easy
    (Webinar CD)
  • Microsoft Excel Macros Made Easy
  • HTML Basics
  • QuickBooks: A 60-Minute Crash Course
  • ...and many more!!
Online training screens

Try unlimited training for a year through our Pryor+ program and gain access to:

  • Unlimited access to our ever-growing comprehensive online library of more than courses, many of are specific computer software training webinars.
  • Unlimited access to our live and in person Fred Pryor Seminars and CareerTrack live events, which includes our vast computer training seminars and many more categories.
  • Online access to track your training
  • Additional special members benefits
  • See a complete list of all included live and online training courses here

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On-Site Computer Training

Bring computer training to your organization! See why thousands of companies have chosen us for their On-Site training solution.

  • Cost Savings - Potential savings of up to 60%
  • Premium Curriculum - Customized or standard "off-the-shelf" training
  • Dedicated Expert - Experienced trainer to help develop your team
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