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How to Organize and Maintain Files and Records
Develop a system to file everything easily and find it again ... FAST!

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1-Day Seminar - US $149.00; For groups of 5 or more, 139.00

It seems simple... but isn't! You know (and we do, too!) that there's a lot more to good records management than pulling and replacing files. Why labor under the paper load, when you can learn the tips, techniques, and strategies that make it all easier?  

If you have responsibilities for organizing, filing, or retrieving records and information, you know that there's a lot more to it than ABCs. To make your filing system work for you and your organization, you need a solid knowledge of the basics and smart ideas and solutions that meet your unique needs and challenges.

You'll learn the ins and outs of file management that will make your job easier and more efficient every single day! Dozens of specific pointers and practices will help you be more productive, prevent mistakes and errors, and make you (and your boss) look good!

You'll learn great tips and suggestions for "tickler" files...personal files...permanent, archived, and temporary and electronic and legal records...file "trafficking"...and much more!

We won't teach you practices and principles that don't apply to you you'll learn ideas that are flexible and adaptable to your department or organization, and won't require you to completely overhaul the way you now work.

It's simple. We don't waste your time with irrelevant theories or impractical concepts. How to Organize and Maintain Files and Records concentrates on real-world, "how-to" information that you can put to work right now, in your own day-to-day activities. That means specific tips, techniques, and strategies that are easy to implement and understand.

Attend this seminar and you'll learn the techniques and skills that will turn your filing and records management into a super-productive system that works better, faster, and more efficiently!

Set aside just one day, and you'll handle your filing challenges more effectively and professionally and put an end to the problems and mistakes that frustrate you. And, we don't just say that we guarantee it!

Seminar Overview

* Find missing files in record time with a 9-part list that tells you exactly where to look
* Ensure "priceless" original documents remain safe and secure when copies just won't do
* Discover clever tips for quick file retrieval that enable you to locate records in seconds
* Stop files that disappear with a unique "check out" system that assures you'll always know where your vital files are
* Reduce the risk of misfiled records by as much as 50% with solid pointers to simplify your filing system
* Review 25 rules for alphabetic filing that end confusion and mistakes, once and for all
* Implement the "automatic discard system" and keep your files from bulging with information you no longer need
* Learn a systematic method to file quickly and prevent filing bottlenecks
* Discover new ways to manage "tickler" files and never overlook an important future need
* Learn how to separate permanent and temporary files and stop clogging your files with old, inactive information
* Develop a filing system with expandability built in a great bonus for the growing company or department
* Learn how to organize and store computer files and eliminate the possibility of "lost forever" computer data
* Implement dozens of new techniques for electronic records management that save time, money, and storage space

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To find out more about How to Organize and Maintain Files and Records contact our customer service department at or by phone at (800) 780-8476.

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