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Emergency Planning and Disaster Management
for Your Organization
How to prepare and implement a survival plan for any minor crisis or major catastrophe.

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1-Day Seminar - US $195.00; For groups of 5 or more, 185.00

How well would your organization survive a catastrophic disaster or emergency? In this must-attend seminar, you'll learn a variety of sound techniques and smart approaches for keeping your business operational and your people safe during times of crisis.

We'll cover preparedness training to help you cope successfully with:  

* Floods * Earthquakes * Vandalism
* Fires * Computer issues
(Crashes, hackers, viruses)
* Threats or attacks
* Hurricanes * Theft * Toxic chemical leaks or spills
* Tornados * And more!

With a smart, comprehensive contingency plan in place, the chances of your organization surviving a natural or man-made disaster increase substantially. In this seminar, you'll gain dozens of tools, strategies, and techniques for developing an emergency response plan tailored to meet your organization's needs. You'll discover how to secure your building; safeguard your employees; protect valuable data, records, and sensitive information; and react swiftly, calmly, and decisively when a threatening situation becomes imminent.

Emergency Planning and Disaster Management for Your Organization is an excellent first line of defense for your business and employees. Based on cutting-edge research, real-world incidents, and proven emergency response techniques, this seminar offers you a wealth of critical information. Your trainer will walk you through all you need to know to put a properly prepared action plan into place, from initial risk analysis of your organization to testing your completed emergency plan for potential problems.

Don't hesitate to attend this seminar. You'll come away armed with the vital knowledge you need to act swiftly during emergencies and keep your employees and your facility safe and secure. What you learn here will give you the peace of mind that comes with being prepared for the worst, even though you may never be called upon to use it.

Don't miss this valuable seminar! The welfare of your organization may depend on it!

Seminar Overview

*  Assessing the risks how to pinpoint your company's vulnerabilities in the face of disaster

    The key elements of any emergency response plan
    How to identify your organization's most vulnerable areas, based on (1) geography and climate (2) type of industry
    A simple, foolproof method for calculating your company's risk tolerance
    Emergencies you can prevent and the ones you can counter only with a well-thought-out response plan
    Tips to create and maintain backups of your most sensitive financial records

*  Preventing emergencies what to consider, how to prepare

The role of fire-prevention and -detection systems in reducing the threat of fire hazards
Ways to protect your facility from water and weather damage
Standard sprinkler system alternatives that may help protect computer and electronic equipment from water damage
When the security of your facility is in question important security checkpoints to ensure complete confidence
How to get the most bang for your buck by choosing methods and devices with high return on investment

*  Creating an emergency management plan tailored to your organization

    How to identify the key players in your company who will create, approve, and implement an emergency management plan
    Why it's so crucial to choose wisely when it comes to an emergency plan coordinator, and the qualities that person should bring to this important position
    Tips for getting your plan approved by upper management the best way to budget, present, and "sell" your plan

* Protecting your systems IT, data, and communications security and planning for recovery

    Cutting-edge techniques for protecing your system from viruses and hackers
    Critical security measures for avoiding data loss or destruction 
    How to use firewalls to secure your network
    Off-site storage: a look at feasibility and cost-effectiveness

*  Keeping your emergency plan alive within your organization

    The invaluable contribution of an emergency plan coordinator who carefully maintains, updates, and oversees your plan
    The importance of keeping up to date with current training and information
    How to maintain a contact network of everyone you and your employees would need to contact in case of emergency
    Step-by-step procedures for determining whether your plan adequately meets your company's needs and whether it will perform up to par in an emergency or disaster
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To find out more about Emergency Planning and Disaster Management for Your Organization, contact our customer service department at or by phone at (800) 780-8476.

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