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HelpDesk for Payroll Professionals - payroll training

HelpDesk for Payroll Professionals

Payroll professionals need their own "HelpDesk" - unique to the specific questions you have!

Payroll training is very important for the success of a business, no matter the size. It is nearly impossible to have an "audit-proofed" business - but you can certainly be ready with an audit-secure your business!

You will be encouraged and exhilarated when you get all the information you need in the 55 minute instructional webinar. Plus, it goes even further with self-audit checklists, wage and hour laws by state, IRS forms and publications. Get the time-saving help needed to be compliant with the I-9, FLSA, Employee/Contractor Classification and much more!

HelpDesk for Payroll Professionals: CD-ROM $169
This is also included in these suites of all 4 modules Best Value $389

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How to Get Things Done
How to Get Things Done



HelpDesk for Payroll Professionals
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