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Communication Skills for Women

Communication Skills for Women

How to communicate with confidence and power

Today's business climate demands quick decisions, immediate action, and positive results. Good communication is key when it comes to excelling in your career. The ability to present your ideas persuasively, respond promptly, and work seamlessly with others is essential to getting your job done. This program is your guide to becoming a more confident and successful communicator.

You'll be able to identify and understand:
  • The make-up of messages
  • Different communication styles and how to work with them
  • The truth behind the message
  • Self-esteem and the communication process
  • The 6 steps to increasing your self-esteem
  • Passive, aggressive, and assertive behavior
  • How to combat objections to your ideas
  • Persuasive techniques to use when making presentations to your boss or manager
  • And much more!

Communication Skills for Women offers practical tools and strategies for improving your verbal communication skills — and your self-esteem. You'll soon be communicating clearly and using others' communication behaviors to your advantage!

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Communication Skills for Women

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