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Quick Reference to HIPAA Compliance

Quick Reference to HIPAA Compliance

Essential HIPAA information in an easy-to-use format!

2014-2015 Edition

Quick Reference to HIPAA Compliance is a guide for human resources managers and employee benefits professionals who administer employer-sponsored health plans, health care providers, and anyone who needs to understand and comply with all the regulations under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). The publication is designed to provide these individuals with essential information in an easy-to-use format, including checklists, forms, and other tools to facilitate compliance. In addition, the publication provides an overview of other laws affecting employee benefits such as national health care reform (i.e., the Affordable Care Act). A topical index is also provided.

Highlights of the 2014/2015 Edition

The 2014/2015 Edition includes the following:

  • Several changes throughout the guide, as the HIPAA preexisting condition rules are now essentially moot.
  • Proposed rules revising HIPAA excepted benefit rules, including limited scope dental and vision exceptions, a new exception for EAPs, and a new exception for wraparound coverage (see Chapters 3 and 12).
  • New rules for reporting privacy violations and new rules for business associates (see Chapter 8).
  • New discussions on HIPAA privacy and state privacy laws (see Chapter 10).
  • An enhanced section providing updates to the chapter on National Health Care Reform (see 13.07).

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