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Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics Complete System

Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics® Complete System

An integrated, multimedia approach to reading faster and remembering more!

$699.95 $499.00 — Item #42500

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The Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics Complete System provides a complete learning experience of the world-famous speed-reading program that motivates, teaches, and provides practice to help you turn these powerful methods into lifelong habits.

This full multimedia approach allows you to see immediate results with the DVD, gain in-depth knowledge with the audio program, and keep your skills fresh with the Speed Drills CD-ROM.

Package includes:
  • Quick-Start Guide DVD
    Let's get started! This introductory DVD starts your journey with an overview of the System. See the results that other dynamic readers have achieved and learn what to expect at each stage of the process.

  • Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics DVD
    Read faster, remember more! This 3-hour DVD presents the core techniques of dynamic reading in convenient 1-hour segments, making it easy to double or triple your reading speed … no matter how much time you have.
    Section 1: Learn to read with purpose, strategy, and flexibility.
    Section 2: Learn the physical mechanics of dynamic reading, as well as how to develop greater comprehension and memory.
    Section 3: Apply and practice: blend all the techniques you've learned into one habitual process.

  • Accelerator Program Audio CD
    Ready to take it to the next level? Once you complete the DVD and understand the core techniques, you're ready for the Accelerator Program. This self-paced audio CD program adds in-depth practice and new drills to boost your reading speed and comprehension beyond what you thought possible!

  • Course Guide
    This companion to the Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics DVD and the Accelerator Program guides you through the practice material and helps you calculate and record your progress as you go.

  • Speed Drills CD-ROM (also available separately)
    Become a dynamic reader for life! This CD-ROM makes it easy to maintain, refresh, and improve your skills with quick drills you can repeat as often as you want … even if you only have 5 minutes to spare! Plus, up to 5 users can chart their progress using our special electronic tracking system!

  • Guide for Parents and Teachers Audio CD (also available separately)
    Get the whole family involved! This audio CD provides parents, teachers, and mentors with ideas and tips for sharing the Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics program with readers of all ages. Build confidence in your children as they complete schoolwork faster and are more prepared for tests!

Only $699.95 $499.00 — Item #42500

Read faster and remember more

Order your copy today!

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