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QuickClicks Reference Guide Microsoft Word 2013

QuickClicks Reference Guide

Microsoft® Word 2013

From learning quick tips to troubleshooting frustrating issues, this illustrated reference guide will walk you through every click

Microsoft Word is a vital tool in our day-to-day business practices and communication, and most professionals are only familiar with its basic capabilities. However, this powerful program has so much more to offer — such as using mail merge for custom creation of envelopes and labels; incorporating SmartArt® for more professional-looking documents; and tracking, merging, and comparing documents with changes. This illustrated reference guide will help you streamline tedious tasks, troubleshoot frustrating issues, and learn shortcuts and advanced features to maximize the power of this comprehensive program.

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Easy-to-identify icons help you gain a better understanding of each tip by highlighting important information. Here are a few you'll look for again and again:

QuickClicks Hot Tips Icon

Hot Tips
Discover the little-known techniques that allow you more flexibility in fewer clicks.

QuickClicks Microsoft Icon

What Microsoft Calls It
Don't get held up by confusing computer terms. This icon provides a handy reference to Microsoft's terminology for your current step.

QuickClicks Quickest Click Icon

Quickest Click
Learn shortcuts that allow you accomplish tasks even faster.

The QuickClicks Word 2013 Reference Guide offers step-by-step instructions for applying Word's built-in features and customizable tools to help you solve even the peskiest problems. Discover just how easy it is to make Word work for you — and revitalize the way you work!

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