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QuickClicks Reference Guide Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

QuickClicks Reference Guide

Microsoft® PowerPoint® 2013

Engage your audience and enhance your message with this illustrated reference guide that walks you through every click

Microsoft PowerPoint presentations are often only focused on emphasizing the basic facts and key points — which results in less-than memorable information and a bored audience. Learn to captivate coworkers with the troubleshooting tips and eye-catching techniques illustrated in this information-packed reference guide. From importing online information and creating live Web links to implementing graphics and utilizing animation settings, this book's detailed steps will have you whipping up presentations that leave a lasting, positive impression!

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This reference guide's colorful illustrations, corresponding icons, difficulty scales, and step-by-step screenshots easily guide you through each helpful tip. Filled with useful information and practical solutions, this valuable PowerPoint tool will answer all your slide show questions and have you working smart with the program's multitude of templates, effects, filters, formats, designs and so much more. You'll soon be a PowerPoint pro — creating presentations that make an impact!

Easy-to-identify icons help you gain a better understanding of each tip by highlighting important information. Here are a few you'll look for again and again:

QuickClicks Hot Tips Icon

Hot Tips
Discover the little-known techniques that allow you more flexibility in fewer clicks.

QuickClicks Microsoft Icon

What Microsoft Calls It
Don't get held up by confusing computer terms. This icon provides a handy reference to Microsoft's terminology for your current step.

QuickClicks Quickest Click Icon

Quickest Click
Learn shortcuts that allow you accomplish tasks even faster.

Don't fall victim to slide show setbacks and last-minute presentation creation! QuickClicks PowerPoint 2013 puts the punch back into your office presentations with cohesive template tips, attention-grabbing effects, and memorable slide shows that get results!

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