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Quick Clicks Microsoft Excel 2013 Training Book

QuickClicks Reference Guide

Microsoft® Excel® 2013 Book

An illustrated reference guide that answers your spreadsheet questions and walks you through every click

Microsoft Excel is one of today's most useful and versatile business tools. However, if you're not familiar with its basic functions, formulas, commands, and keystrokes, you might find yourself feeling overwhelmed and overworked. Whether you are new to Excel or looking to upgrade your knowledge and advance your skills, QuickClicks Excel 2010 Reference Guide will help you discover the answers to your most troublesome spreadsheet questions.

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In this Microsoft Excel 2013 guide, you will find easy-to-identify icons to help you gain a better understanding of each tip by highlighting important information. Here are a few you'll look for again and again:

QuickClicks Options Icon

There are many optional features you can use to enhance your Excel worksheets. This icon identifies options for adding or skipping steps.

QuickClicks Microsoft Icon

What Microsoft Calls It
Don't get held up by confusing computer terms. This icon provides a handy reference to Microsoft's terminology for your current step.

QuickClicks Hot Tips Icon

Hot Tips
Discover the little-known techniques that allow you more flexibility in fewer clicks.

Don't spend another day wondering how to make Excel 2013 work for you! QuickClicks Excel 2013 Reference Guideís step-by-step illustrations will help you become a more confident, knowledgeable Excel user in no time!

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